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Southeast Asia Holidays

A mind-blowing cocktail of unforgettable experiences, ancient temples and vibrant modern city life, Asia is a legendary continent that will make your senses explode.

Full of unique flair and legendary mystique, the world's largest and most populous continent sure packs in a powerful array of unique attractions; from riveting ancient cultures to a colourful mix of captivating religions and beliefs, a varied range of amazing landscapes and striking seascapes, mind-blowing architectural wonders and mind-blowing surprises lurking in the most unsuspected places. From majestic Buddhist temples and striking ruins from a lost civilisation in Cambodia, the wonderful white sand beaches of Bali, and the magnificent emerald-green mountains and buzzing street life in Vietnam, you will be lost for words to express so many bewildering experiences and such raw natural beauty.

Comprising a diverse array of countries and cultures (as many as 49) the Asian continent is brimming with exciting opportunities to learn about fascinating customs and traditions as well as meet warm, humble and interesting people. From the dramatic skyline of modern Hanoi in Vietnam to the silent grandeur of the Great Wall in China, this region of the world is not only vast in terms of its geographical expanse but also in its extensive array of landmarks.

Home to ancient wonders such as the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia and natural wonders such as Mount Everest in Nepal, Asia comprises contrasting landscapes that astound and amaze. All that goes without even mentioning the exquisite food and the many varieties of it; from heat-packed dishes to subtle and fresh flavours, your taste buds will be in for a treat. Asia, with its grand monuments, historical landmarks, spiritual mystique and ancient ruins beckons to captivate and awaken your senses.

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