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South America Holidays

More so than most people expect, mind-bogglingly diverse South America enchants with its rich tapestry of culture, indigenous tribes and raw natural beauty.

From the rich biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest to the cloud-touching Andean peaks and the awe-inspiring Incan ruins to brightly coloured colonial towns and sleepy coastal villages, South America is a vibrant and energetic continent full of contrasts of all kinds. Although all countries can be said to share a Latin identity, these come in such a variety of shapes and customs you'll feel like entering a different land each time.

Moving to the sounds of samba, bossanova, salsa, merengue, tango, ballenatos and Andean pipe flutes, this vast continent comprising the majority of the Americas' southern hemisphere, is one of the world's greatest music destinations, where you could dance your way away at countless clubs and music joints.

But music is just one aspect of experiencing South America, an important one at that as they do relish their sounds and thrive in dancing whenever and wherever. Beyond the multi-layered soundtrack to a South American journey lies a world of non-stop discovery, unforgettable encounters with lively, enthusiastic people with an admirable thirst for life and a non-stop attitude to whatever adversity throws their way.

Beyond the intoxicating charisma of Brazilians and Colombians, the laidback, easy-going and welcoming nature of Ecuatorians and Peruvians to the unshakably well-mannered and subtle ways of the Chileans to the ancient customs of pre-Columbian tribes and small indigenous societies off-the-beaten-path ‘ South America is one of the most exciting and varied lands to get to know outstanding people and their ways of life.

Then there's the untouched Amazonian nature with its still thriving ecosystem (despite the menacing use of land for agricultural use - it's so vast a good portion still remains untouched) and the many wildlife riches to be experienced in up-and-coming destinations like Ecuador, who, over the last years, has been upping their ante when it comes to eco-friendly, sustainable tourism in spectacularly wild and remote natural settings.

Finally, we have the immensely rich history set against the European backdrop of colonisers, mass bloodshed and the colonial cities and relics that now stand as a result. There's so much to wonder at, we bet you'll keep wanting to return again and again.

South America is pure magical realism, a term coined by Nobel prize winner and Colombian novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and one that truly encapsulates and exemplifies the many enigmas and mystical secrets of this unfathomable continent.

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