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Mediterranean Holidays

You won't have to travel too far from home to find sunny skies, pretty beaches and abundanat sunshine. The glimmering Mediterranean sea offers wonderful holiday options.

The closest you can get to beautiful beach retreats, quaint villages and beautiful food without having to travel longer than a couple of hours on a plane, the Mediterranean is one destination that won't leave you jet-lagged. Easily accessible in terms of budget and geographical distance, a holiday here doesn't mean skimping on luxury or compromising on beautiful settings. Romantic, inspiring and serene, the charming seaside resorts and towns of the Mediterranean offer a unique blelnd of beauty, history and culture.

With enthralling culture and unique history riches that include ancient ruins, amazing archeological sites and sunshine-filled natural backdrops, in the Mediterranean you can go off the beaten path and stroll along quaint cobbled streets lined by picuresque houses featuring white-washed walls and surrounded by fragrant flowers. You can take a break from all the excitement of exploring around by heading to your hotel or resort and bathing in the glistening azure waters as the sun begins to set in the horizon.

For the "wow" factor in the Mediterranean we have the magical island of Cyprus, exuding the allure of small Greek-style beach towns combined with the modern comforts of plush accommodation, fabulous attractions and top notch tourist facilities at stunning seaside resorts famous for their world class spas and superior hospitality leveles.

In Cyprus, or in the Mediterranean in general, you will often find that culture, history, leisure and beauty go hand in hand, with majestic old architecture standing next to striking modern buildings and providing eye-catching sights that are unique to this part of the world. All this in perfect harmony with ultra-luxurious five-star hotels and world famous spa treatments.

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