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Sainte Anne Island

The largest of the eight islands that make up the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, the pristine Sainte Anne Island is just 4 km from bustling Mahé. Home to a luxury resort, idyllic beaches and unspoiled natural attractions, Sainte Anne Island is the perfect destination for holidaymakers who want to get close to nature and see the best that the Seychelles has to offer.

The location of the first permanent French settlement in the Seychelles, today Sainte Anne Island’s main attraction is its stunning landscape. Pristine white sandy beaches, dense jungle and crystal clear waters give the island its serene good looks, while blue skies and warm tropical sunshine complete the idyllic picture.

Holidaymakers travelling to the island for rest and relaxation will find a variety of outstanding beaches to choose from, many of which are virtually deserted except in the peak season. The largest beach is the Grande Anse, the location of the island’s luxury hotel; Anse Tortues, Anse Cimitiere and Anse Cabot beaches are all easy to reach from the main parts of the island, while the picturesque Anse Manon is only accessible to intrepid holidaymakers willing to make the journey on foot.

Visitors who want to get close to nature during their stay on Sainte Anne Island should head to Anse Royale, where you can see sea turtles laying their eggs from November to February.

The island’s other main attraction is the marine park that surrounds it, created in 1973 to preserve the fragile and unique Indian Ocean habitat. Thanks to the hard work of conservation groups, the waters around Sainte Anne Island throng with colourful marine life, making Sainte Anne a fantastic destination for anyone interested in scuba diving or snorkelling. If you don’t want to get your feet wet, glass bottomed boats take visitors out over the reefs, giving them the chance to see some of the world’s most varied sea life up-close and personal.

Thanks to its proximity to Mahe and the country’s capital, Sainte Anne Island is a popular destination for visitors travelling to the Seychelles from around the world. If you’re looking for a picture postcard destination for your next exotic getaway, why not plan a trip to the Seychelles and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime?

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