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Zilwa Attitude Hotel + Lakaz Chamarel

4.0 stars

north east mauritius + le morne, mauritius

Beautifully perched on Mauritius' northern coast and perfectly positioned right next to the fishermen’s village of Grand Gaube, the Zilwa Attitude Hotel has been tastefully designed to evoke the simple and authentic life of the islanders. In fact the name "Zilwa" in the native language means "islander" and that's exactly what this hotel wants you to feel like during your Mauritius holiday - like you belong in this paradisiacal haven.

Zilwa Attitude's unique concept means that the hotel's architecture has been inspired by traditional Mauritian elements such as wax-coated cement floors in the guest rooms and authentic rough walls and coconut-fibre carpets as well as charmingly rustic wooden furniture. Occupying two small private islands this inspiring resort offers a breathtaking view of the 5 islands that make up Mauritius' northern coast. Guests get to enjoy direct access to 4 immaculate beaches and two small and private islands. In addition to all this, guests can find authentic art pieces from local painters, craftsmen and architects as well as the work of Mauritian writers included in the room's unique decor. With a unique atmosphere and rustic appeal, this Mauritian resort is truly one-of-a-kind.

This hotel offers:

  • Exclusive location on 2 small private islands
  • Authentic island-living accommodation right on the beach
  • Unique design reflecting traditional Mauritian architecture and decor

  • H Lakaz Chamarel

    Hotel in Le Morne resort

  • H Zilwa Attitude Hotel

    Hotel in North East Mauritius resort

  • A Mauritius

    Airport in Mauritius city

£1449 per person

Price for 7 nights, 2 Adults flying 3 December 2019 from Gatwick with Emirates
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Departing 03 December 2019
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Price for 7 nights, 2 Adults flying 3 December 2019 from Gatwick with Emirates

Mauritius, Figures and Facts

Climate (Tropical)

Mauritius' mild tropical maritime climate gives the island pleasantly warm temperatures all year long, often cooled by gentle-blowing breezes from southeast trade winds. The hot and humid summer season runs from December to April with temperatures oscillating between 25-33 degrees Celsius. The dry and warm winter season never sees temperatures drop below 21 degrees so it's also an ideal time to visit. Coastal temperatures in Mauritius remain balmy throughout the year.

Average °C 242525242322201919202122
Minimum °C 202121212018161616161718
Maximum °C 272828272625232222232426
Sunshine (hours) 9978888888810
Rain (cm) 12253129161281110954
Average Rainfall Days 202323242221222424202016

Useful information

  • Time Difference

    GMT +4 hours

  • Language


  • Currency

    Mauritius Rupee (MUR)

  • Local laws & customs

    Due to local customs and etiquette rules some countries observe a strict dress code. This is especially true for most Muslim countries. Please show respect for local customs and dress accordingly so as not to offend locals or attract unwanted attention.
    Some countries also have strict custom laws on what items you can import and export. Always check with the local tourist board before travelling.

  • Health requirements

    Be aware that prior to visiting some countries you may need to get specific immunisation against some diseases. Consult your local GP and check with the FCO website to find out if you will need any vaccinations before travelling. Also, to ensure your health is covered while you’re away it might be worth investing in some health insurance. In some countries this is a strict requirement.

  • Visa/Documentation

    Some countries require specific permits or visas to allow entry. Please ensure your passport is up to date in advance and check the FCO website for more detailed information.

  • Best time to travel

    May to November

  • Tipping

    10% in bars, restaurants and taxis

  • Calls

    To call Mauritius from the UK dial 00
    To call the UK from Mauritius dial 2044 followed by your phone number

  • Electricity

    Electricity in Mauritius is 230 volts / 50Hz. Most common socket / plugs are type C
    Type G plugs/sockets are also in use