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Family Holidays in Virgin Islands

When taking a family holiday to the US Virgin Islands, be sure to try out one or all of these fun family activities. They are sure to add a touch of magic to your brilliant all inclusive holiday.

US Virgin Islands: top 5 activities for families

If you're on a family holiday to the stunning US Virgin Islands, in between all the historical attractions and beach lazing, you're going to want to squeeze in some kid-friendly activities so that the little ones don't get too fidgety. Here are our top five family attractions that you cannot afford to miss on what is sure to be a holiday none of you will forget in a hurry.

Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures

Located at Walkes Spring in St Thomas, this eight-platform zip line will rush you and your teens through the lush forests of the Central Highlands. As you hollar your way down these lines, the longest of which is about 300 feet, make sure you see if you can spot green monkeys and other wildlife that call this place home. At times, you'll be around 100 feet above the ground, ensuring spectacular views of the surrounding region.

Do note that only over-12s are allowed, and you will need to make reservations about 72 hours in advance.

Coral World Ocean Park

This aquapark on St Thomas is a firm favourite among travelling families, and it is easy to see why. Your little ones may not be able to snorkel along the coast, but here they can climb down the submerged observation tower to come face-to-face with schools of tropical fish. The teens, meanwhile, will be able to feed the colourful lorikeets and even sign up for the interactive diving experience - they'll be taken down underwater in a helmet pumped with oxygen so they can get a diver's eye view of fish without learning to dive.

Or what about swimming with sea lions? Or encountering sharks? Or feeding stingrays in the lagoon? There is so much to do that you could easily spend a whole day here!

St George Botanical Garden

Over on St Croix, this stunning garden is a great place to escape the beach crowds, especially if it's not too hot or humid. Spanning 16 acres, the site boasts all manner of colourful flowers and plants, such as orchids, heliconia and ginger. The walking tour will take you through the fern grotto, the medicinal herb garden and the always-fascinating rainforest - a great opportunity to get your kids close to nature.

Annaberg Sugar Mill

This plantation on St John may be the ruins of a colonial sugar facility, but it is the perfect chance for your kids to have a fun and engaging historical lesson. Built between 1797 and 1805, the mill lasted until it was destroyed in a hurricane in 1867, and visitors can still today explore the slave cabins, the windmill tower, the curing house and even the dungeons. The oven is a great place to see demonstrations on old-style bread baking and you can even sample some Dum Bread if you want!

Buck Island Reef National Monument

Grab the boat with the kids to Buck Island and enjoy its fantastic beaches. Consider this: a boat trip on the waves, the leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles that roam on Turtle Beach, the spectacular reefs and the hidden caves that, if legend is to be filled, are filled with hidden pirate treasure - what more could you need to get the children's imaginations running?

Family holidays in Virgin Islands

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The US Virgin Islands are already prepared to receive MS Adventure of the Seas cruise ship, a remarkable feat considering the damages that powerful Hurricane Irma left behind. After resolving electricity issues and cleaning up the fallen trees, St. Croix welcomes around 4,000 passengers only ten days after the nature hazard.

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