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Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the second largest of the British Virgin Islands and is roughly 8 square miles. The island's dramatic scenery is of green peaks sloping to the pristine beaches and turquoise waters below. The pace of life here is peaceful and tranquil. You can spend your whole day relaxing on one of the many deserted beaches including Handsome Bay, Savannah Bay, or Big Trunk Bay. The island’s exclusive resorts have an elegant and secluded ambience. A range of activities and facilities including water and land based sports are on offer and the island’s restaurants feature menus to please the most discerning diners.

Virgin Gorda is home to the most popular attraction in the British Virgin Islands, ‘The Baths’. Located on the southern end of the island, The Baths National Park offers a myriad of pools, secret beaches and trails. The most striking feature of the park is the giant granite boulders that lie on the beach. The boulders form caves and rock pools creating a fantastic area for snorkelling and swimming. These massive boulders are also found at Fallen and Broken Jerusalem. There are plenty of other activities on offer away from the beach. You can visit Spring Bay National Park and Gorda Peak National Park. The latter is rich in biological diversity and has a lookout offering panoramic views of the Virgin Islands. Whether you visit Virgin Gorda for days or a weeks, you will be sure to want to stay a little longer.

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