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The North African gem of Tunisia perfectly blends Mediterranean seaside beauty with Arabic treasures, fascinating culture, captivating history, quaint villages and enthralling nature. Tunisia is so much more than just another beach destination


Famous for being an idyllic and popular beach holiday destination, offering affordable luxury and endless seaside beauty, Tunisia has long been on the map for sun-seeking holidaymakers in search of a relaxing and invigorating destination. But beyond the lure of its golden sands, you should scratch the surface and explore further to find a pulsating culture, amazing history, breathtaking nature and awe-inspiring ruins.

The slim slice of African territory that is Tunisia - the smallest of all countries in the continent - may be not be that impressive in terms of geographic expansion but it boasts the natural diversity and history riches of a country many times its size. Come to discover its balmy Mediterranean coast, sample the freshest catch of the day, bathe in the warm, glittering waters of its azure sea and absorb the different cultures found along its changing landscapes.

But you really have to look past the beaches to see the raw beauty of this vibrant country. In just a few days you could be exploring extremely different scenarios, from admiring the wild verdant scenery of the Tabarka/Ain Draham region to trekking the flower-decked foothills of Khroumiria to making your way around the vibrant capital, old villages and noisy street markets selling all manner of artisan objects and wares -a colourful and exciting way to spend an afternoon in sunny Tunisia.

Inviting beaches – Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir and the Coasts of Carthage

It's no secret to anyone that Tunisia is most famous for its perfect beach retreats, golden sands and glistening waters. All along its coastline you will find plenty of resorts to satisfy your thirst for sun and sand.

If you want all inclusive luxury, Sousse, Jerba or Hammamet will have plenty of all inclusive resorts to lure you with. For all budgets and all kinds of travels, these Tunisian retreats cater for everyone with their affordable luxury accommodation options. Whether you're after a fun-filled family escape, a friends' getaway or a romantic trip, there is something for everyone on every Tunisian resort.

And for when you want to mix tanning with exploring and go in search of more engaging cultural pursuits you can head to the Coasts of Carthage. Here you can visit the quaint village of Sidi Bou Said, beautifully perched on a hill facing the beautiful seaside resorts of Gammar and La Marsa. Somewhat reminiscent of a Greek hillside village, the pretty white houses dotting the landscape are a breath of fresh air and a postcard-perfect sight.

In Carthage you can be amazed at the ancient ruins left by the Roman and Carthaginian empires. Covering the towns of Carthage and Salammbo, bothofficially declared a National Monument, the vestiges of these glorious civilisations are still present in the form of temples, baths, dwellings, shrines and the impressive naval port of the Carthaginians – an amazing wonder to take in.

Tunis - the vibrant capital, quaint villages and lush nature

A fast evolving city that now refashions itself as a modern Arab capital, Tunis is the country's vibrant cultural and economic hub, boasting an array of attractive sights. Beyond the cosmopolitan appeal, you can truly absorb the history by visiting its colonial remnants, the few reminders of the Ottoman Empire and the lively souqs.

You can visit the Muslim and Jewish quarters of Jerba to soak up some more of the culture or you can head to the enchanting village of Sidi Bou Said, a meeting place for local artists, full of wonderful architectural marvels, art galleries and decorations that represent the Tunisian way of life.

Another sight you shouldn't miss if history and culture interest you, is a visit to the national Museum of Bardo, one of the best archaeological museums in the world, boasting over a thousand exhibits that include beautiful ancient mosaics dating back to the Punic era.

For an encounter with nature you should head to Tabarka/Ain Draham, otherwise known "Green Tunisia", a place where rolling hills perfectly blend agains the background of tall mountains and verdant plains. With a special microclimate, this region is subject to great temperature variations with occasional snow covering the peaks of Khroumiria and with a cooler summer season than the southern region. The foothills of Khroumiria are reminiscent of Provence, with the only difference that instead of olive trees, here you'll find forests of cork trees. Here you could even go wildlife spotting with the likes of civets, lynx, deer and jackals meandering around the area all year long.

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