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Zanzibar Safari Blue

Duration: Half Day

zanzibar safari blue

Tanzania is renowned for its dramatic landscapes and spectacular wildlife, which is amongst the best in the world. The beautiful island of Zanzibar, located just 20 miles off the coast of East Africa, offers wonderful opportunities to get up close to its native wildlife – both above and below the water. This exhilarating tour will enable you to explore the Menai Bay Conservation Area with Safari Blue, who will introduce you to the resident dolphins in their natural habitat.

Spending time discovering the sea life of the Indian Ocean is a must during a holiday in Zanzibar, and Safari Blue will ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime whilst doing so. Your adventure will start at Fumba village, where you will travel on a traditional sailing dhow across sparkling turquoise waters to the beautiful Menai Bay, which is a protected area.

Situated in the south-west of Unguaj Island, this traditional fishing ground comprises extensive areas of coral reefs, mangrove forests, sand banks and sea grass beds, which support a wide variety of marine life. In particular, the shallow waters of this region are home to two species of dolphins – the Indo-pacific humpback and the bottlenose – because of the reliable food supply. They also come here to rest, socialise and nurse their calves.

Safari Blue is lucky enough to spot dolphins on 90% of their excursions, whilst practicing their policy of responsible dolphin watching with minimum impact on the environment. With a bit of luck you may even get the chance to swim with these beautiful marine mammals in the warm tropical waters. You are advised to enter the water as gently as possible and let them approach you so you can build up their trust without scaring them away.

This is a wonderful experience not to be missed. Dolphins are friendly, intelligent creatures, which makes your encounter all the more amazing. Watch them playing, flipping and diving as they entertain you with their graceful acrobatic displays over the waves.

You may also be able to spot sharks, manta rays and green and hawksbill turtles on your journey, whilst migratory whales visit the bay from July to November every year. Although dolphin sightings are not guaranteed, the chances are high and it’s a wonderful, fun-filled day out nonetheless. The friendly Safari Blue crew will feed and entertain you, ensuring that you have one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Lunch is included. Please note that the tour is subject to weather conditions.

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