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Lake Nasser

A cruise on Lake Nasser is a wonderful way to see the dramatic landscape and ancient wonders of this region. Lake Nasser was formed after the completion of the Aswan Dam in 1971. In an incredible feat of engineering, many of the temples and monuments of this region were relocated to higher ground to protect them from the rising waters. The northern part of the lake is home to ancient sites such as the Kalabsha Temple, Ramses III's Temple and the Roman Temple of Hathor. Travelling further south you will encounter Ramses II's Temple, known as the Wadi El Seboua Temple, the Meriotic and Ptolemaic temple called Al Dakka, and the unfinished Serapis Temple. Other sites located on the shores of Lake Nasser include the saved Temple of Amada, the Temple of Derr, the Tomb of Penout and the ancient Fort Kasr Ibrim. The famous twin temples of Abu Simbel lie to the south on the western shore of Lake Nasser. These spectacular temples were carved out of a mountainside during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II and were relocated to their current site in the 1960s. Abu Simbel is one of Egypt’s most popular attractions and a highlight of a visit to Lake Nasser. A Lake Nasser Cruise is an unforgettable voyage of discovery.

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