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Writing the world

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As an avid wanderluster, my tastes in travel are eclectic and always evolving, and as such this collection of blogs reflects my wide-ranging escapes and journeys abroad. In my travel posts, I write to let my passion for adventure unravel as I share my experiences with the world, hoping to inspire and help fellow travellers like myself.

As I continue to embark on eye-opening journeys to new places in order to fulfill my never-ending thirst for adventure, my travel hunger develops and reshapes itself, which means that you'll always find a different trip story in my blog collection, a new perspective on some remote (or not-so-remote) corner of the world, a new adventure I've decided to pursue or a new journey of discovery, not necessarily ignited by a previous one.

It's hard to pinpoint my thirst for travel to one or two kinds of travel experiences - from hiking mountains to snorkelling, diving, dancing, going rogue to find authentic flavours, basking in pampering retreats and beach-combing - I'd take them all, I'll do it all! I prefer to dig beneath the surface when travelling, go off the beaten path every now and then and find meaningful ways to engage with a new culture, but that's not to mean I don't enjoy the odd luxury stay in a glamorous hotel or a gourmet meal every once in a while. My adventures are every kind of adventure, for all keen explorers like myself, scroll down to browse them all!


Sasha Wood's Been There Done That

  • Paragliding from Mount Babadag over the beautiful Olu Deniz lagoon in Turkey
  • Taking tea with Bedouins and camping out under the stars in the Sinai desert
  • Swimming in secluded secret turquoise lakes somewhere on the Jordanian border
  • Flying over Java's awe-inspiring active volcanoes just days before one exploded
  • Exploring every inch of one of the Balkan's largest fortresses with nothing but a hummingbird for company

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  • 18 Oct 2018
  • Travel Advice
  • Sasha Wood
Life's a beach

Top tips for a trip to the Cayman Islands

From world-class diving and idyllic beaches to wild escapades and delectable dining, ahead of a trip to the Cayman Islands Sasha Wood takes a look at what this compact Caribbean nation has to offer.
  • 17 Sep 2018
  • Travel Advice
  • Sasha Wood
Looking for inspiration

Exploring Mauritius' timeless beauty as the nation turns 50

Celebrate 50 years of island independence with a visit to Mauritius's seemingly-timeless beauty spots and natural attractions, whether you prefer picture-perfect tropical beaches, enchanting waterfalls, technicolour coral reefs, blue lagoons, rainbow-coloured hills or simply meeting a giant tortoise.
  • 18 Jul 2018
  • Travel Advice
  • Sasha Wood
Back to nature

Seven underwater wonders of the Caribbean

Sink beneath the Caribbean's clear tropical waters for another angle on the region – stunningly beautiful reefs and awe-inspiring seascapes, shadowy shipwrecks and stone sculptures colonized by coral.
  • 20 Jun 2018
  • Travel Advice
  • Sasha Wood
Exciting News

D-boat Antigua - the Caribbean's newest floating playground

An aquatic adventure playground for adults, D-boat is an up-cycled ship, party boat and water park moored in its own aquamarine bay off Maiden Island that's become the latest tourist spot in Antigua, surrounded by slivers of land, beaches and mangroves reaching out into the blue.
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