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To travel is to live

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Because all of our lives are enriched by experiencing new things and learning from new places and cultures, this blog space is dedicated to all kinds of travel experiences that enrich or touch your life in some way or another.

As a family traveller with kids in all age ranges, I see travelling not only as a great tool for family bonding and relaxing but also as a fantastic way to teach my children about other cultures and historical riches.

Apart from the obvious fun element of any holiday abroad, I also try to look at any getaway as an opportunity to engage my family so that they can soak up the amazing educational value.

Read my posts to see just what makes a family holiday an amazing experience that could be potentially life-changing for your young ones, as well as for yourself and any other adult in your travelling party. Because travelling is living, experiencing, and ultimately, learning – as long as you travel, the discovery and learning process never end.

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