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Selfies Around The World

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Follow my mission to get self-photographed at some of the world's most awe-inspiring places, from modern and trendy, to romantic and cosy, remote and mystic.

I'm on a challenge to put myself at the heart of all the action and be part of all these unique backgrounds by blending into the surrounding landscape.

Have a look and see all the places I've been a part of and perhaps get some ideas for yourself to inspire your very own selfies next time you take to the skies and head off to some exciting holiday destination.


Kiri Nowak's Been There Done That

  • Wave Riding on Sentosa Island in Singapore
  • Riding in a jeep up and down the sand dunes in Dubai
  • Completing a Biathle on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit
  • Admiring the Northern Lights from a hot tub in Iceland
  • Swimming the waterfalls at Krka National Park, Croatia

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  • 26 Nov 2018
  • Travel Advice
  • Kiri Nowak
Exciting news

Could Mauritius be the perfect girls' holiday destination?

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Mauritius being an independent nation. So I thought I'd delve into what it has to offer as a girls' holiday destination and the key features that make it stand out from similar destinations.
  • 01 Nov 2018
  • Travel Story
  • Kiri Nowak
Amazing cities

Brightly coloured houses, rooftop views for days and pretty purple trees - Girls' holiday in Lisbon

I've just returned from Lisbon, Portugal. Find out why it's such a great destination for girls' holidays and what we got up to on our trip, as well as where I might be going for next year's adventure.
  • 06 Oct 2018
  • Travel Advice
  • Kiri Nowak
Unforgettable experiences

My current top eight girls' holiday destinations for 2018 and beyond

I've been going on a girls' holiday every year now for nearly ten years. So I've been able to review and explore many prospective destinations. If you're looking for the perfect girls' holiday destination, here are my top eight picks.
  • 20 Aug 2018
  • Travel Story
  • Kiri Nowak
Back to nature

Costa Rica's coolest creatures - The most memorable animals I saw on my trip

Find out which awesome animals I saw on my recent trip to Costa Rica. I've picked 11 animals that I feel are the coolest of the bunch. From baby sea turtles to sloths and butterflies, Costa Rica boasts an abundance of wildlife.
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