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A Photoblog of Pure Grenada - the spice of the Caribbean


Grenada St George's Port Luis Grenada flag Grenada nutmeg
Grenada St George's overview

The Spice Isle

Grenada has earned the title of “Isle of Spice” for a reason, so evident that you can actually smell nutmeg in the air. If that aroma wasn’t inviting enough, there’s a multitude of virtually untouched landscapes to seduce you further. Here I give you a photographic overview of colourful Grenada in all its splendour so that you can get acquainted with its many sides; from the quintessential beaches to nature trails, thriving wildlife, vibrant locals, deliciously fresh cuisine and picturesque towns.

Grenada La Sagesse Beach Grenada Paradise Beach
Grenada Grand Anse Beach
Grenada Levera Beach Grenada Magazine Beach

Lovely beaches

Beaches, beaches, beaches… Grenada has no shortage of them, that’s for sure (Grand Anse Beach in the centre being the most famous of all). From pink sands to white sands and golden sands, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to sinking your toes in the finest, softest natural carpets. Gently lapped by aquamarine waters whose hue gradually changes to an amazing variation of blues, Grenada’s beaches are indeed one of its most alluring draws.

Grenada landscape North East
Grenada Annandale waterfall Grenada monkey

Nature Experiences

There’s life beyond Grenada’s sun-kissed beaches and the lush nature does make for some exciting adventures. Embark on a trekking excursion to one of the island’s dramatic waterfalls (take your pick between Annandale Waterfall and Seven Sister Waterfall) where you can cool down with a relaxing dip or opt for more active hiking excursions through the island’s nature reserves, like the 30-acre Grand Etang National Park and Forest where you can spot cute monkeys.

Grenada waterfall hiking Grenada jeep riding
Grenada Seven Sister Waterfall
Grenada diving Grenada river-tubing


There are a plethora of recreational options to liven up your Grenada holiday. Besides the already mentioned waterfall hiking opportunities, another popular activity is diving down to the depths of an underwater museum with sunken life-size sculptures. If you crave for more adrenaline-fuelled activities, you can take your pick from a variety of exciting outdoor sports, from thrilling river-tubing to jeep riding through rugged terrains.

Grenada people - wall painting Grenada people market
Grenada People - Police Canteen Bar
Grenada people bar Grenada fishermen Grenada nature farm

People & Culture

Its warm, lively people are one of Grenada’s biggest assets and you won’t regret getting to know them. To do so and at the same time admire some original art and take in the local lifestyle, you’re best getting out and about in towns to explore the markets and peruse artisan crafts, down a beer while mingling with locals and see the brightly (and imaginatively) painted street walls and amazing murals.

Alternatively, walk around the sleepy fishing towns to see the way locals make their living from the freshest catch of the day or have a chat with the workers at cocoa plantations to learn more about what goes in the making of delicious, home-grown chocolate.

Grenada people bar Grenada nature farm Grenada fishermen
Grenada Food & Cuisine - cocoa
Grenada fish Grenada Food & Cuisine

Food & Cuisine

Fresh, light, healthy and flavourful, Grenadian cuisine is based around fresh ingredients with a French accent, an Indian influence and an African twist. The local dishes reflect the island’s cultural diversity and your palate will be treated to classics like Oil Down, the national dish, which consists of breadfruit, coconut milk, callaloo leaves, turmeric and either saltfish (cod), smoked herring or salt beef. Of course, you should always leave room for a sweet dessert like the famous Grenadian spice cake or chocolate!

Grenada Heritage - Granby Street
Grenada Heritage - St George's beauty Grenada Heritage - cannon at Fort George

Grenada's Heritage

Grenada is more than lush nature, vibrant people and relaxing beaches. It also has places of historical relevance that are worth a visit. Head to St George’s historic district to discover the vestiges of its colonial past when the French empire made their settlement here and erected Fort George (dating back to 1710). Beyond the fort, there are many buildings of outstanding architectural value to admire with some being fine examples of the French influence and later the British colonists that took over when Grenada was ceded to them.

Grenada Sunset Sailing
Grenada St George's Carenage Grenada St George's Carenage

Into sunset

Whatever you do you mustn't leave Grenada without having enjoyed at least one scenic sunset, an activity that is extra special if done from a sail boat as it gives you several vantage points from which to observe the sun’s slowly sinking into the sea. From the sea, looking back at the shore you can drink in the beautiful changing colours and watch how the city’s skyline dramatically changes as the sky’s orange hues inundate the buildings and the city lights illuminate the darkening water.

Jana Crowne

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