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The top 14 moments from my recent trip to Morocco

I find when I get back from a particularly special trip, it's fun to relive all my favourite moments. So I usually write down my top five or ten moments, and describe them in great detail, so I can come back and relive them at any moment.

On any holiday you go on, you will have a select few stand out moments or experiences that leave their mark on you. They might not always be positive memories, but they may have shaped or changed you in some way, or even just made you stop and think. Flashbacks, funny moments and incredible or weird experiences will flash up in your mind every so often, and you can reminisce and think:

"That trip was pretty darn cool..."

The top 14 moments from my recent trip to Morocco.

I recently went on a trip to Morocco with The Holiday Place, and it's one of the most interesting places I've ever been. It's the kind of holiday destination that lingers on your mind.

This is partly why I love travelling so much, because your memories stay with you throughout all your life, and pop into your mind when you least expect it. So, without further ado, here are my top moments from my recent trip to Morocco.

  1. Haggling for products in the market

    Haggling for products in the market in Morocco.

    Although sometimes this was a tad hectic, it's all part of the buzz you get from fully immersing yourself in the Marrakesh vibe. We haggled for tea, argan oil and jewellery and got an idea of what it's like to grab yourself a bargain.

  2. Drinking iced tea in a rooftop bar overlooking the square

    A rooftop bar overlooking the square in Morocco.

    Probably one of my favourite moments, after a long sweaty morning of wandering the city and getting rather lost, we found a rooftop bar and literally guzzled down our iced teas. Then we ordered more and sat there and watched the world go by in the square below as the cooling mist blew over us (they have mist in some of the restaurants to help cool you down).

  3. Walking into Marrakesh for the first time

    First time by the fountain in Morocco.

    On our first trip into Marrakesh we decided to walk from our hotel (Hotel Opera Plaza), which took around 45 minutes. We really took in the sights and it was exciting because we had just arrived and were itching to see the city. We stopped by a fountain for some photos and wandered round some old buildings before finding our way into the main square.

  4. When my sister tried to climb a palm tree

    Climbing a palm tree in Paradise Valley, Morocco.

    We were on an excursion to Paradise Valley walking through the Atlas Mountains and my sister decided to try and climb a palm tree. To be fair, she did pretty well, aside from a few scratches and dirt being smothered all over her face. She looked like she'd just walked straight out the jungle after an epic trek.

  5. The Moroccan show at Hotel Kenzi Europa

    Moroccan show at Hotel Kenzi Europa.

    This show was pretty awesome. I just didn't expect to enjoy such a fantastic show at a hotel. I expected, well you know, the standard cheesy hotel performance. But this was far from it, it was authentic, interesting and there genuinely was a great atmosphere. I loved the acrobatics and the traditional Moroccan dancers, oh and the snake charmers.

  6. Experiencing the stinky tannery and learning how leather is made

    Leather tannery in Morocco.

    Wow, I can honestly say I've never been anywhere so stinky in my entire life. A wonderful cocktail of animal carcases, ammonia and pigeon poop greets you at the entrance, and that's why they give you mint to hold up to your nose. Trust me you wouldn't get through the place without it. An experience I will never forget.

  7. Going on a camel ride

    Camel ride in Morocco.

    Definitely one to tick off the bucket list, and now I've done it. I've been in a camel ride sort of in the desert, and it was great fun but very bumpy! I had a bruise from where I was rocking up and down on the camel! I remember one moment in particular when a massive herd of goats passed us and started trying to climb the trees for food.

  8. Jumping off the rocks at paradise valley

    Jumping in waters of an oasis in the mountains of Morocco.

    So my heart nearly jumped out my chest when my sister did a backflip off the rocks into the water below. I felt like a worried mother, but she pulled it off and everyone cheered. I then followed up with a pretty standard jump in which didn't have quite the same impact. This place is absolutely beautiful, a little oasis in the middle of the mountains.

  9. Cracking open argan nuts for argan oil

    Trying to crack argan nut in Morocco.

    Another fail on my part, little sis cracked the nut in about 30 seconds, it took me about 375,985 attempts and a good few minutes. It was impressive the speed at which the women were cracking the nuts and the dexterity in their hands.

  10. Doing yoga poses in the palace

    Doing yoga poses in the palace of Morocco.

    We visited the Bahia Palace and as soon as we set foot there it felt really peaceful. So much so that we felt compelled to do a few yoga positions and pose for totally zen like photos. I loved the carvings and beautiful tiling on the wall here as well as the main courtyard with the fountain.

  11. Wearing a fez, singing and playing instruments

    Playing instruments in Morocco.

    In the Hotel Opera Plaza there was a Moroccan man playing instruments, swinging around his fez hat and serving tea, so naturally we decided to join in. We've got some funny videos of us taking part and adding our own twist to the experience by singing. I think the artist found it just as entertaining as we did.

  12. Sitting in a hot tub drinking cocktails

    Drinking cocktails in Morocco.

    The Hotel Anezi Towers was right at the top of a hill in Agadir, with some outstanding views. It felt very plush here, and I particularly enjoyed sitting in the (refreshingly cool) hot tub/jacuzzi outside and sipping on cocktails in the sunshine. #takemeback

  13. Meeting fellow tourists on Taghazout beach

    The Taghazout beach in Morocco.

    We felt that Taghazout was a breath of fresh air. The atmosphere here is so different to elsewhere in Morocco. The past is slow, and it's a sleepy rustic surfing town with friendly people. We got chatting to a couple on the beach who were staying there for like ten Euros a night, and they told us all sorts of stories about their travels together and how they met in Hong Kong.

  14. Performing Taekwondo in Jardin Majorelle

    Performing Taekwondo in Morocco.

    I'm making it a bit of a mission to do Taekwondo poses and routines in some of the places I visit, my last one was a side kick on a beach in Valencia. It was hard trying to wait for people to pass and perform it quickly before we created a bottleneck, but we got the shot in the end!

Closing thoughts on my Moroccan holiday moments...

So there you have it, my 14 best moments in Morocco, weren't they all very different? Part of the appeal of Morocco is the variation of things you can do and unique places there are to visit. We managed to visit a city, a beach resort, a desert, mountain ranges and a little village all in one short week. If you want to find out about our entire trip to Marrakesh and Agadir, click here for more info, and watch out for more posts and Morocco travel tips.

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