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My top honeymoon destinations for pure relaxation and romance

My top honeymoon destinations for pure relaxation and romance

If you want your honeymoon to be a wonderful concoction of relaxation and romance, then you may want to read on. Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect honeymoon should be. But for a lot of us, we simply picture chilling out with our new spouse in an idyllic paradise.

Although I don't want to do this for my entire honeymoon, because I want to go on some once in a lifetime adventures, I would still love a few luxurious days of unwinding in a breathtaking beach location. In the first two honeymoon articles I wrote, I picked my top cultural and active honeymoon destinations, so now it's time to feature the most tranquil, beautiful destinations out there.

Honeymoon destinations for top relaxation and romance

So there's a few specific things I was looking for when picking these honeymoon destinations. I think they definitely need to have a beach, access to five star hotels, a few romantic spots and perhaps a few low key excursions to go on.

  1. Bali

    Indonesia, Southeast Asia

    Honeymoon and romance in Bali

    I was so close to going on a trip to Bali a few months ago. So perhaps as I missed out then, I can make up for it by going to Bali for part of my honeymoon. Bali offers a fascinating combo of lush rice paddies, pristine beaches and volcanoes and mountains. It's a wonderful place to go diving, especially around Menjangan Island where you can uncover the USS Liberty Shipwreck.

    Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

    Or if you want to get close to nature, visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary where you can come face to face with long-tailed macaque monkeys. Or if you fancy a spot of culture head to Ubud or visit the Tanah Lot Temple.

    If you fancy a spot of culture head to Ubud

    To get away from the main tourist sites and head out on the beaten track, go eco cycling through the heartland of Bali and take in the stunning Balinese countryside. If you prefer this kind of scenery, you can stay out in a treehouse type hotel in the middle of the countryside. Bali offers an enviable climate, with temperatures sitting between 20 and 33 degrees.

  2. The Maldives

    The Maldives, Indian Ocean

    Romantic sunset in the Maldives

    I simply can't leave the Maldives off the list, because it's such a popular honeymoon destination. I would say at least 50% of my married friends went there on their honeymoon. What's not to love? The beaches look like something out of a fairytale.

    You can stay on your own private little island

    When I looked at my friend's honeymoon pictures the scenery almost didn't look real. The sand is pure white and the sea is the most vibrant and beautiful blue you have ever seen. In the Maldives, you can stay on your own private little island, complete with your very own shack that literally sits on the water. I can just picture myself waking up and looking out the window to see gorgeous blue sea and a vision of paradise.

    Wou won't be disappointed with The Maldives

    If you want to really switch off and go somewhere wonderfully tranquil and gorgeous, then you won't be disappointed with The Maldives and its incredible beaches.

  3. Punta Cana

    The Dominican Republic, Caribbean Sea

    Amazing beach in the Dominican Republic

    I did also include the Dominican Republic on my active honeymoons list, but I think it also deserves a place here. If you want to stay somewhere in the Caribbean, but don't want to go way over budget, then a honeymoon in the Dominican Republic is a very sensible choice.

    Dom Rep offers the perfect mix of relaxation and things to do

    The beaches and crystal clear blue sea are no less beautiful than other Caribbean locations, and there's a huge selection of plush five star hotels to choose from. Punta Cana in Dom Rep offers the perfect mix of relaxation and things to do.

    A catamaran trip to Saona Island is very relaxing and romantic

    Some of the excursions, such as the Reef Explorer trip or the catamaran boat trip to Saona Island are very relaxing and romantic. You could be laying in a hammock sipping on cocktails gazing out to the Caribbean Sea one day, and then off on a fun excursion such as an outback safari the next day.

  4. Hawaii

    USA, Pacific Ocean

    Hawaii is perfect for a romantic escape

    Words can't describe just how incredible a Hawaii honeymoon looks. Although it will probably stretch your budget, it will be well worth it. From surfing the waves, to hula on the beach and lagoons lined with palm trees, Hawaii is a dream honeymoon destination.

    Hawaii is a dream honeymoon destination

    If you want to go snorkelling or diving on your honeymoon then you will love the aquatic life in Hawaii, which includes adorable sea turtles and dolphins.As well as picturesque beaches and sandy shores, Hawaii also has volcanoes and waterfalls for those who fancy a change of scenery and a bit of adventure. See rainbows cascading over waterfalls and catch orange and pink sunsets on the beach with some champagne.

    Double rainbows in Hawaiian beach

    To me, Hawaii sounds perfect.

Which will you choose?

So there you are, I hope you have enjoyed reading my honeymoon posts. Now I have got the almost impossible decision of deciding where to go! Thankfully, I still have a bit of time to think, because choosing between all these incredible places is like trying to choose your favourite sweets from a candy shop full of thousands of sweets.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose a honeymoon that suits your personality and interests, and not to simply go where everyone else is going. Happy honeymoon hunting!

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