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A Photoblog of Show our colours, Nov-2016


Richard Gooud
Amber Bardell Wendy Corah


We’re back to naming the winners of our “Show Our Colours” Facebook competition. This time we’ve done it sooner than on earlier editions due to receiving more photographs than ever in a shorter space of time, and thus, reaching the minimum number of participants required earlier. This means that what follows is the official posting of our winning photographs, appearing in the order of prize won, from first place to second and third. Keep scrolling to reveal the names of the holidaymakers who took the stunning shots below.

The winners of this trimester have all presented us with beautiful photos of their holidays with us, highly evocative of the experiences to be hand in some of our most fascinating destinations.

On top, we have the picture of our number one winner, Richard Gooud, who perfectly positioned our luggage tag on his hotel room’s balcony banister, sitting against the scenic backdrop of his resort in Ras Al Khaimah, with palm trees flanking the pool and the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf in the distance.

Below our number one winner, the image to the left is a picture taken by Amber Bardell, earning her the second place position with a shot of Cuba’s Vinales Valley, snapped up from a classic American car. In the photo you can see the colourful “Mural de la Prehistoria”, a mural of gigantic proportions painted on the rocky surface of a “mogote” (flat-topped rock formation endemic to this part of Cuba) and on the convertible’s rear-view mirror, from which our luggage tag hangs, you can spot the three holidaymaking passengers (including the photographer).

Scooping up the third place, we have Wendy Corah’s photograph, where a hand can be seen placing our luggage tag against a scenic view of India’s majestic Amber Fort, overlooking the glistening Maota Lake. This is a truly breath-taking panoramic view of a remarkable attraction, a beautifully preserved UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site, and one of the many places where our India tours can take you.

Richard Gooud
Amber Bardell Wendy Corah


And here they are now, our smiling winners, happily boasting their well-earned prizes.

First up, our two posers are Richard Gooud and partner Gemma Marceniuk, showcasing the £500 voucher that entitles them to £500 off their next holiday with The Holiday Place. Below them, to the left we have Amber Bardell, proudly holding her Canon EOS Digital camera, a prize that is sure to go a long way towards an ever brighter photographing future. Next up, to the right, we have a smiling Wendy Corah holding up her £150 John Lewis gift card.

Now, all that’s left for us to do is give a big clapping hand to our winners, along with a huge thank you for kindly sending us their prize-exhibiting photos for us to share with all of you. If you want to pose here next, you know all you have to do is bring your camera along on your next holiday adventure with us and send us your picture – without forgetting to cleverly place our luggage tag in it!

Participation is the most important thing

Of course, the three stunning images posted above are not the only gorgeous holiday photographs we’ve received over the last three months. But there can only be three winners, and as such, we cannot prize them all. Yet, we can indeed praise the efforts of all those who participated, and that’s exactly what we’ve devoted this section to: showcasing all participating photographs in this eighth edition.

Browse our gallery and glance through all of them to inspect the talented shots of our imaginative holidaymakers, all worthy of mention and display here. Take inspiration from their fun holiday photos and try your own creative flair at snapping up a good shot of your next The Holiday Place adventure with or luggage tag. A big, tremendous “Thanks” is in order to all those who posted their photos over the last few months. There were many of you on this last edition and we couldn’t be happier (or prouder!). Continue “showing our colours” to be in with the chance of earning yourself a fab prize next time!


Jana Crowne

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