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Escaping the winter cold in Thailand

Escaping the winter cold in Thailand

With the colder months quickly approaching, people are already looking for that special destination to escape the chill and find some winter sun. If you are searching for warmer climes, then Thailand is a fantastic option.

Thailand is the perfect way to spend your winter break

The country is a brilliant place to enjoy some hotter temperatures towards the end of the year, with the climate ranging from 21°C to 31°C. Although December is the coldest time of year, with daily temperatures averaging around 26°C, it also has the longest hours of daylight.

Whether you are looking for an adventure with friends, or want to capture some romance with your partner, a holiday in Thailand is the perfect way to spend your winter break.

A holiday in Thailand can be exactly what you're after

Although there are many beautiful spots across the country, the north of Thailand can offer you a great diversity that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. From adrenaline-fuelled adventures to romance and relaxation, there is plenty to see and do in this bustling region.

No matter who you are and what you are looking for on your trip, a holiday in Thailand can be exactly what you're after.

Who can find refuge in Thailand

Family holidays in Thailand

Family holidays in Thailand

For those looking to spend some quality time with their loved ones, there is plenty to see and do in Thailand. If you are travelling with older children, then going to see and play with elephants can be a fantastic experience. However, you should be careful when selecting which tour provider to go with as some can mistreat the animals. You should avoid any that offer elephant rides as their spines are not designed to carry humans and this can be a stressful experience for them.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Instead, do some research and look for projects focused on conservation and creating sanctuaries for young elephants. Places like the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary allow you to play with and bathe them, offering a brilliant family experience without causing any harm.

There is also a wide variety of natural beauty spots across Thailand

There is also a wide variety of natural beauty spots across Thailand, including the Khao Yai National Park and the Sai Yok National Park. Visiting one of these allows you to take in some of the most stunning views in the world, while you spend time with your family. There is plenty to explore, with waterfalls and rare animals to look out for.

Thailand for young travellers and backpackers

Thailand for young travellers and backpackers

Among the most beautiful places in Thailand are its variety of temples, which can offer an interesting insight into the country's culture. Chiang Mai - in the north of Thailand - is a fantastic place to see some of the most awe-inspiring temples.

With more than 200 ancient wats - or temples - across the city, it's a fantastic place to start if you are looking to get a taste of Thai culture and history. Many of them are still used by worshippers, which adds to the ambience of these sacred spaces, but means you should make sure you wear modest clothes and act respectfully of locals.

Chiang Mai is home to more than 200 ancient wats

Wat Chiang Man is the oldest in Chiang Mai, but Wat Prathat Doi Suthep and Wat Phan Tao should also not be missed if you are looking to explore some truly stunning temples during your holiday in Thailand.

Some even offer the chance to have a conversation with a monk, where you can ask them about their life and what it's like to live in these beautiful temples.

Bridge over the River Kwai

Elsewhere, Kanchanaburi province is a popular haunt for backpackers. Home to the infamous Death Railway and the bridge over the River Kwai, which were built by prisoners of war in WWII, it offers a unique insight into the history of Thailand.

Couples looking for romance

Couples looking for romance in Thailand

With so many natural beauty spots, a holiday in Thailand is perfect for a honeymoon or just a break with your partner.

Famed for its Thai massages, the country is a fantastic place to relax and rest, as well as being home to many cultural destinations. There are a wide variety of massages on offer throughout Thailand, with the Women's Correctional Institution being one of the most unusual. The rehabilitation programme aims to help inmates reconnect and integrate with society after time in prison, and they offer free foot massages in return.

Massages in Thai markets have very reasonable prices

You can also get massages in most of the big Thai markets, with prices being very reasonable.

Learn to cook in Thailand

Thailand is also well known for its passion for cooking. Throughout the country you will see places that allow you to take cookery classes so you can learn how to recreate some of the fantastic dishes you'll be tasting and smelling during your stay. These can range in price but are usually very reasonable and can be the perfect opportunity to do something a little different - and learn a new skill - with your partner.

Adventure seekers

Thailand for adventure seekers

If you are looking for adventure during your holiday, then a break in Thailand could be exactly what you're after.

One of the biggest attractions for adrenaline junkies is the zipline courses that take you through Thailand's beautiful jungle, giving you the chance to see some incredible wildlife as you explore the country from a new perspective. You will want to be careful and pick a reputable company with a high standard of safety, but ones like "Flight of the Gibbon" in the Mae Kampong rainforest can offer an incredible experience.

One of Thailand's most beautiful landscapes

The two-hour journey will take you on the longest single line in Asia and allow you to fly through some of Thailand's most beautiful landscapes.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park is also a great location to see some of the best views of Thailand. It features the country's highest peak – Doi Inthanon or Doi In – which stands at a daunting 2,565 metres above sea level. However, there's plenty more to see in the 1,000-sq-km national park. From hiking trails to waterfalls, countless ways to find adventure in this part of Thailand, especially in the jungle itself.

Something for everyone in Thailand

A holiday in Thailand can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you are looking to relax with your partner, get a taste of the local culture with your family or take in some thrills, Thailand is a brilliant place to visit and explore for your next break and escape the winter blues.

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