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Looking for a luxury girl's holiday with loads to do?

Here's why I'd recommend the Dominican Republic

Before going to the Dominican Republic, I assumed it's a place mainly for couples and families, but I was wrong. It's certainly true that when you go there and stay in a luxurious resort, it's mostly couples. I didn't see any groups of girls, apart from two girls on the plane who just intended to go to the Caribbean and do absolutely nothing for ten days, which isn't really my style.

Here's why I'd recommend the Dominican Republic

I feel like I have reached an age where I'm done going on the cheapest girls' holidays we can find, and staying in very basic apartments with no aircon and lots of mosquitos. Last year when the girls and I went to Kos, Greece, we decided we would budget no more. After a lot of moaning about our room and the lack of luxury, we all agreed next year would be different. So we are off to stay in a gorgeous apartment in Valencia next week.

Beautiful beach in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic

It was too late to recommend the Dominican Republic for this year because we already had girls' holiday 2016 booked well in advance. However, I will be recommending it for future trips, and here's why.

Hannah and me snorkeling in Dom Rep

I got back from my epic trip to the Dominican Republic about a month ago. I went with my friend Hannah, who is also in her late twenties, and enjoys a similar sort of holiday to me. I initially thought it might not fit as a girly trip, but it turns out I was wrong. We couldn't have had a better time, we had such a laugh and so much fun.

Hoyo Azul, Punta Cana

We both agreed at the end of the week that it would have been a totally different holiday if we went with our partners. I'm not saying the Dominican Republic is not ideal for couples (it totally is), I'm just saying it can be equally as enjoyable with a group of girls, and a lot of ladies are missing out.

Limon Waterfall, Samana

Firstly, there's something magical about being in a jaw-dropping tropical destination with your girlfriends. You can appreciate the beauty of where you are in a way that you wouldn't with your partner. When Hannah and I first set foot on the beach and ran into the Caribbean sea, we were captivated, and blown away.

There are many boat trips available

You can go on lots of boat trips in the Dominican, we were lucky enough to go on two. If you are going with a group of girls, I would definitely recommend booking a day trip on a boat. These aren't just any boat trips, the local people make them an epic experience. They play Caribbean music, get up on the deck and dance, and they sure know how to have a good time.

Dominicans turn a good experinece into an epic one

I think the rum definitely made everything seem even more amazing than it already was. Plus the rum gave me the courage to join in the group of people dancing and strut my stuff (I had sunglasses on and pretended no one could really see me). We salsa danced on a catamaran, had a boogie on the top deck of a boat, and even drank rum in the middle of the sea.

Pink flamingos in Punta Cana

They played a sort of pass the parcel shot game with the local drink of choice (Mamajuana) in the sea. We went on a tour where they showed us how to make it, it's made from honey, rum and red wine. We were offered quite a lot of Mamajuana over the holiday!

If you want to be active with the girls then the Dominican Republic is ideal

If you want to be active with the girls then the Dominican Republic is ideal. There's so many thrilling, cultural and fun day trips to go on including outback safaris, reef explorer trips, action packed adventures at an eco park and excursions to an idyllic island (Saona island).

In Dom Rep you can holiday in style and really treat yourself

What makes the Dominican particularly ideal for ladies, is you can go out, be active, then come back and put your feet up in pure luxury. If you can splash out on a nice five star hotel, then you can holiday in style and really treat yourself. After you return from an actioned packed day, sunbathe in hammock or sip on cocktails in the pool bar. It's pure bliss.

If you want to see some of the things we got up to and read about our adventures, read my article here. This video of my trip also really shows what it's like to go on a girls' adventure holiday, and how much fun we had. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about booking a girls' holiday to the Dominican Republic. I have lots of tips and helpful advice to share.

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