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Simply beautiful: What makes St Lucia stand out from the crowd

Simply beautiful: What makes St Lucia stand out from the crowd

Stunning St Lucia is the jewel of the Caribbean - yet, compared to many of the other islands, it's comparatively little visited. However, this beautiful destination perhaps has more to offer than any other of the region's tempting locations.

So, today we are going to introduce you to some of the things that make St Lucia really stand out from the crowd.

Saint Lucia: Simply Beautiful

  • Naturally luxurious and romantic

    Naturally luxurious and romantic

    Full of idyllic beaches and lush greenery, St Lucia is one of the Caribbean's most naturally luxurious islands. These qualities, paired with its gorgeous sunny climate, outstanding accommodation and wide variety of unique attractions also help to make the island one of the world's most romantic destinations.

    Relax in unrivalled luxury at one of St Lucia's sumptuous five-star hotels; dine out on a blend of Creole, West Indian and French cuisine; snorkel in beautifully clear waters; relax on the beach; have a jungle adventure. The choice is yours.

  • Incredible natural landscape

    Incredible natural landscape

    One of the most immediate things to strike you about St Lucia is its stunning, unique natural landscape, which certainly sets it apart from other Caribbean islands. It is best-known for the Pitons, twin peaks that sit on St Lucia's south-west coast. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these were formed by a volcanic eruption approximately 30 million years ago. It's possible to hike up both Gros Piton and Petit Piton, but each are strenuous treks, so they're best for experienced hikers.

    The Pitons aren't the only remarkable thing about St Lucia's landscape; the beaches are incredible too. They are as varied as they are beautiful, which means different beaches are suited to different kinds of activities. On the north, south and west coasts, calm waters make the shores here ideal for sunbathing and languid swims, while those looking for an adrenaline rush can head to the eastern coast, where the waves are ideal for surfing. Among the favourite beaches to discover are Anse Chastanet, which is home to some of the island's best snorkelling, and Reduit Beach, widely view as the best in St Lucia.

    And if this wasn't enough, there's also the island's lush jungle interior, abundance of scenic waterfalls and spectacular sunsets.

  • Unique attractions

    Unique attractions

    St Lucia also has some singular attractions that you won't find elsewhere in the Caribbean, such as the Pitons. Among its most famous attractions is Sulphur Springs, which is better known as the world's only drive-in volcano. As its name suggests, you can drive right up to the crater of this peak (the dormant Soufriere Volcano) and watch the mud steam and bubble away. You can also indulge in a soothing dip in the natural mud baths.

    Pay a visit to Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths, meanwhile, and you can admire the island's very own colour-changing waterfall, which appears to be a different hue at different times of day. While this is arguably the star attraction, these gardens hold plenty more treasures. Beautiful blooms and lush greenery spring from every corner, while the mineral baths take their therapeutic water from underground springs.

  • Amazing outdoor activities

    Amazing outdoor activities

    There are few places that combine stunning scenery, beautiful weather and luxurious accommodation with adventurous outdoor activities like St Lucia. The cooling trade winds help balance the hot sun and create a great environment for outdoor adventures, which are many and varied here.

    On the beaches, for example, you'll find a huge selection of water sports to choose from, including kite surfing, surfing and sailing. Travelling beyond the shoreline will give you the opportunity to go dolphin and whale-spotting - an amazing addition to any holiday.

    In the mountains, meanwhile, there are yet more incredible activities to discover. Explore miles and miles of scenic mountain biking and hiking trails, feel the rush of zip lining through the tree tops, take a tram ride along the forest canopy… The possibilities are endless.

  • Welcoming culture

    Welcoming culture

    St Lucia has some incredible natural and man-made attributes, but what makes the atmosphere here so appealing is the people. This English-speaking island possesses one of the most welcoming cultures in the entire Caribbean, so you can look forward to getting under the skin of the island by chatting to locals, and even make a few new friends along the way.

    The wider culture of the island also plays a significant role in making this destination so special. Its cuisine, for instance, is a tempting mix of West Indian, Creole and French traditions, while there is a wealth of history and customs to discover. It is, for instance, interesting to spot French and British colonial influences while you're here. And of course, no visit to St Lucia is complete without sipping on some local rum.

A break to remember in stunning St Lucia

Whether you're seeking romance, adventure or simple relaxation, St Lucia is an unbeatable destination. This unique Caribbean island has a wealth of unique attractions that not only make it an incredible place to stay, but somewhere that stands out as offering something different to the rest of the region.

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