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A Photoblog of Show our colours, Jan-2016


Daniel Pontes
Dave Lumby Pamela Hatton


We're back to presenting you with the Facebook photo competition winners of this semester. We have to say that we keep receiving outstandingly beautiful and striking photos and only wish there were more prizes we could give out to everyone who participated. But there could only be three winners and here they are:

In first place we have Daniel Pontes who beautifully positioned our luggage tag against the dreamy backdrop of an emerald beach cove.

Second place goes to Dave Lumby who perfectly framed our luggage tag against his Cuban coffee overlooking the Plaza Vieja Square in Old Havana.

Third place was scooped up by Pamela Hatton who wowed the crowds with her portrayal of the perfect tropical beach against our luggage tag hanging from her foot.

Daniel Pontes
Dave Lumby Pamela Hatton


And here you have them, our trio of winners posing with their well-earned prizes.
Daniel Pontes is first, proudly exhibiting her £500 voucher entitling her to £500 off her next holiday with The Holiday Place. Next we have a smiling Dave Lumby happily holding his Canon EOS Digital camera for an ever brighter photographing future. Last, but certainly not least, Pamela Hatton shows us her satisfied grin while holding her £150 John Lewis gift card.

A huge round of applause is in order for all of them as is a big warm thank you for kindly sending us their trophy-holding photos for us to share with all of you.

Participation is the most important thing

On the other hand, we can't forget about all of those who didn't make it to the top three yet deserve a huge pat on the back for trying their best and getting creative with their holiday snaps - some were truly amazing and they all deserve to be showcased, so that's exactly what we've done in this post as well. Just glance at the gallery above and flick through all participant entries to check out the awesome talent of our holiday photographers.

They are all certainly evocative of the variety of holidays we provide and want our travellers to enjoy: carefree, fun-filled, de-stressing, spell-binding and action-packed. A big thank you is in order for everyone who sent them our way - you are all winners in our eyes.

Jana Crowne

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