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Finding inspiration - TV series part II

In part I, I looked at the stunning locations used in Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Dexter. Now in part two I have selected three more TV programmes that have filmed episodes in destinations I would like to travel to.

If you have already travelled to lots of destinations, finding some exciting destinations to visit gets tougher. That's why I am looking into visiting some of the set locations from my favourite TV series. For mega fans of these shows, a chance to go and see where some of the most memorable scenes were filmed is far too tempting.

Find out the best locations to visit from True Detective, House of Cards and Mad Men

True Detective


I have never seen anything like True Detective in my life. The acting was exceptional, it was completely gripping and a little bit strange at the same time. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were sensational together.

I will always remember season one of True Detective as being one of the best quality TV programmes I have ever watched. It also brought Louisiana to my attention, a state that I am not particularly familiar with. True Detective follows troublesome pair of Louisiana State Police homicide detectives who are pursuing a rather nasty serial killer.

Louisiana is certainly a unique place, it's industrial landscapes contrast with completely uninhabited, beautiful locations that draw you in. Some of the scenery from the series really leaves it's mark on you. There is a vast amount of rural land dotted with swamps, rolling hills and fresh pine forests.

True Detective has showcased the spirit and slightly unusual appeal of Louisiana by filming in particularly gritty locations. Perhaps the most memorable was the oak tree which was used as the scene of the Dora Lange murder. This location is not publicly accessible, you would have to access it on a tour, it's right in the middle of a sugar plantation (Oak Alley Plantation, Erath, Louisiana).

They filmed the season 1 finale 'Form and Void' at Fort Macomb, a 19th century fort which is on the outskirts of New Orleans. It's on the National Register of Historic Places. The police station scenes were also filmed in Louisiana, in a city called Harahan. Fisherman's Wharf in Des Allemands was used as Rust Cohle's home and workplace.

A select few scenes are also filmed in New Orleans (for example the police station scenes). Most people travelling through Louisiana will make an effort to see New Orleans. Louisiana's biggest city is full of lively jazz, exotic food and interesting fusion of cultures.

House of Cards

Washington DC, Baltimore

House of Cards - Washington DC, Baltimore

Hard core fans of House of Cards will probably know that the show is set in Washington, but most of the filming is done in Baltimore. House of Cards is about power hungry U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood and his rise to power within the political world. Kevin Spacey, who plays Fancis Underwood is the perfect choice for the role.

The TV series actually highlights some wonderful cultural locations throughout Baltimore including museums, libraries and art galleries. It will have brought people's attention to this city and it's contrasting neighbourhoods. Baltimore is a port town in America. Although it's a gritty city in places it seems to have blossomed into a city filled with many delights and has earned its nickname as the 'charm city.'

Some of the more cultural filming locations include the Walters Art Gallery and Baltimore Museum of Art which were used for numerous museum shots throughout the series. Frank and Zoe seem to like to meet in these sort of locations to continue their scheming without being noticed. The Lyric Opera House is also used to film a few scenes, it's a theatre steeped in history that's home to the Baltimore Opera. I could easily spend a few days exploring some of Baltimore's cultural gems, trying to imagine Frank going about his political duties.

Scenes at Frank and Claire's home are also filmed at a location in Baltimore. If you are a serious fan of the show you will definitely want to go and visit their home, it can be found at 1609 Park Avenue, Baltimore. However, it's only the outside of the house that is used as interior shots are filmed in Maryland.

Fans of the show would also enjoy seeing Zoe's apartment, which is located at 6 E. Preston St., Baltimore, MD. The apartment is surrounded by restaurants including Dionysus Restaurant and Lounge and Nino's Pizza. If you want to visit the cafe that was used to film political lunch meetings then take a trip to Werner's downtown. This cafe was also used to film scenes in 'The Wire' TV series.

Head to Baltimore's War Memorial Building which is near City Hall, this is where the Inaugural Ball scenes were filmed. This building honors and serves all veterans of Maryland.

A few scenes are still filmed in Washington to make the location of the TV series more realistic and believable. For example, the rather grand Washington Opera House is used in season one where Zoe Barnes catches Frank's eye. Washington in another American city I would really like to visit, America's capital has many impressive monuments, world class museums and numerous prestigious arts venues.

Mad Men

New York, Los Angeles

Mad Men - New York, Los Angeles

I have only just started Mad Men, and boy have I been sucked in. It's impossible not to daydream about living in 1960's New York. This show is definitely made by it's locations and attention to detail when it comes to getting the set right. It so perfectly captures the 60's and the magic of New York, yet in reality, most of the filming is done in LA. 'We try and bring as much authenticity to it as we possibly can, so that the audience believes that they're actually in New York,' says executive producer Scott Hornbacher.

Mad Men follows Don Draper, who is high up in a big advertising firm on Madison Avenue, New York. It follows his life, relationships and the lives of the people he works with. Mad Men is very addictive and it's glitzy scenes and impressive filming locations makes you want to jump on a plane to New York.

In order to keep the show authentic they constantly mention key places in New York that viewers will recognise. A few scenes are filmed in locations in New York, for example the midtown bar (Harlem's Lenox Lounge) is where we first meet the infamous Don Draper.

Los Angeles Center Studios (LACS) are used to film many of the film's key scenes. Scenes at the Sterling and Cooper offices are filmed here. LACS is a key location in LA for the movie industry, many major motion picture films and TV series have been filmed here at the 20 acre studio.

In season one for the episode 'The Hobo Code' they filmed scenes at Casey's Irish Pub in Downtown L.A. The advertising team go there for a few drinks after Peggy has a very successful day.

Los Angeles Theatre was used to film scenes for the episode 'Shoot' where Don gets headhunted by a rival advertising company. This absolutely stunning theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is well worth a visit.

Fans will remember the scene where Don's past starts to catch up with him and he meets his half-brother in a cafe. Quality Cafe in Downtown L.A. was used for this scene, this retro cafe has also been used in quite a few movies.

Mad Men currently has seven seasons, so it's impossible to mention all the amazing locations that have been used. I have added two of America's most glamorous cities to my list of places to visit, both New York and LA now deserve a place on my bucket list.

Kiri Nowak

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