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A Photoblog of Show our colours, Feb-2015


Zoe Paterson
James Banks Paul Dishman


The winner of our number one spot this time is Zoe Paterson, with her vibrant shot capturing the essence of Cuban music and dancing in Havana's Sevilla hotel.

The second prize goes to James Banks, who proudly shows off his rewarding catch while fishing in Cuba and following in the steps of American novelist, Ernest Hemmingway.

Lastly, Paul Dishman won third place with his artistic portrayal of The Holiday Place's travel tag set against the glimmering waters of the pristine Jardines de la Reina archipelago.

Zoe Paterson
James Banks Paul Dishman


And here you have the deserving winners showing off their prizes:
In first place, Zoe getting ready to spend her £500 voucher and put it to good use towards her next holiday adventure with us, James in second place, holding his Canon Camera EOS Digital camera with which he will, no doubt, snap up many more wonderful photographs, and in third place, Paul getting ready to go on a shopping spree and spend his well-earned £150 John Lewis gift card.

To all of them, we would like to extend a warm thank you for kindly sharing and sending in their prize-holding snaps.

Participation is the most important thing

Of course, we can't forget about our enthusiastic, talented non-winners and the fantastic photographs they sent us as they all deserve to be displayed here for all to see. Although the snapshots above didn't walk a away with a prize in hand, they still are worthy pieces of ingenious art to behold, deserving of praise for representing various aspects of their holidays with us.

All 22 of them are inspiring and reflect the kind of holidays we want our holidaymakers to enjoy: fun, relaxing, thought-provoking, exciting, enriching and soul-reviving. Kudos to all of you who sent them! And for those that didn't, give some time to browsing through them all and find inspiration for taking your own during your next holiday with us!

Jana Crowne

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