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The Chef's Table at 'Indian Accent' in Delhi, is the ultimate culinary experience in India

I was delighted to learn that our group of eight was to celebrate a wedding anniversary, at the "Chef's Table", in the widely recognised, and award winning restaurant, Indian Accent, Delhi.

We were told that the Chef's tasting menu had been requested, with adaptations for those with 'special needs'. To my delight the menu would be paired with wines selected by the chef. I had read about the restaurant's Chefs Manish Mehortra and Shantanu Mehrotra's creative skills - I couldn't wait for the experience.

Our arrival at the restaurant was a spectacle in itself as a warm welcome awaited. We were greeted with a garland and a display of fireworks, to mark our generous couple's anniversary. I mention generous as we were their guests and we were thrilled to celebrate with them.

Feeling like royalty, we were escorted to the chef's table, an intimate space that sits up to nine guests. The table was dressed for the occasion and as expected we could all see the chef at work.

The excitement grew as each dish was finished in the open kitchen; the chef chatted about the ingredients and told stories before each course was served. There were at least 8 courses, many of which had been personalised for each diner. Of our eight diners, two were vegetarian, one didn't eat meat but enjoyed fish, the remaining five enjoyed the delights of the menu below.

It was virtually impossible to select a favourite dish; they were all delicious and each one showcased Chef Shantanu Mehrotra's creativity. Those that seemed to leave a lasting impression were:

  • Baked fish, amritsara masala butter, whitebait crisp
  • Meetha achar chilean pork spare ribs, toasted kalonji seeds
  • Soft shell crab, flame roasted coconut, tomato pickle chutney (one of my favourites)
  • Foie gras stuffed galawat, strawbeery green chilli chutney
  • Chettinad duck, dosa crisp (served with a sauce of tomato curry leaves and tamarind)
  • Rice crusted john dory moilee
  • The chef's desert platter (an excellent mouth watering desert trio)

And for the vegetarians, these were the favourites:

  • Baked paneer pinwheel , Indian coriander pesto
  • Kashmiri morel musallam, crushed roast walnut, parmesan papad

Mention must be made of those who assisted, either in the kitchen or in the dining area, as the level of service was what one would expect from a restaurant of this status and more.... We were delighted with the care and attention afforded.

The only disappointment and I wonder if you have noticed, I have made no mention of the wines!

Unbeknown to us, there was a state election scheduled for the time we were in Delhi and it is the law that, no alcoholic beverages are served during the 3 days lead up to voting. This applies to all establishments, including hotels and bars so we sampled this amazing menu without a drop of wine. Even so, I cannot imagine how wine could improve the taste – I think I would only compare that experience to 'heaven'.

I asked for a copy of the menu, which you can browse below and next time you are in Delhi, head for Indian Accent, it really does offer the ultimate in Indian Fine Dining.

Linda Walker

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