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A Photoblog of Malecon of Havana

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The Malecon is an icon of Havana
Malecon is one of the main arteries of Havana Malecon viewed from hotel El Terral

Sparkling and bubbly by day

Lively and energetic by day, the Malecon in Havana sees a frenzy of cars and people pass through its long promenade. From humble fishermen, to carefree youngsters hanging out and a few tourists here and there taking some dramatic snapshots of the contrasting buildings and the sea on the other side, the Malecon is never lonely.

In the pictures above you can really appreciate the different buildings dotted along the seawall, from hotels such as the iconic Riviera and the Nacional to the modern El Terral, from which the last photograph was taken. Once thing is for sure, the views of the Malecon by day are always varied and colourful.

The eternal fight with the sea

Its fierce side

Sometimes gentle and quiet, others lively and energetic, the Malecon can also get fierce and threatening. It has a unique love-have relationship with the city and when the sea gets choppy and the tide rises, dramatic flooding is usually the result. Striking photographs such as the above can be obtained at times of unsettled weather, when the waves turn into fearsome giants fiercely crashing into the seawall and taking over the city as they extend their reach to the buildings and streets beyond.

Waves crashing in the old wall Morro Castle from Prado corner The day is ending in the Malecon
Malecon by night
The best place to enjoy a sunset in Havana Malecon by night near hotel Deauville

Romantic sunsets give way to lively nights

The Malecon has a serene and subdued beauty as night falls, when the sky is tinged in hues of orange and the sun begins to slowly sink in the watery horizon. This is when an electrifying air of romances buzzes and takes over as the Malecon turns into the perfect seaside hideaway for lovers. It's no wonder this is one of the city's favourite spots for couples who come here to stroll hand in hand and watch the sun come down as the stars begin to sparkle above.

In the starry night the Malecon becomes lively once again, this time to the sound of street musicians serenading lovers and passers-by, while many head to the nearby bars and clubs, such as the popular Jazz Cafe and the Habana Cafe.

Jana Crowne

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