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Life's a beach

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Beaches, beaches, beaches...from the Caribbean's powdery soft, pinkish sands and crystalline waters to the deep blue hues of the Middle Eastern coast and the thriving coral life on some of the idyllic isles of the Indian Ocean – there is a beach for everyone. Whether you prefer them calm, serene and mirror-like or you enjoy a bit of surf, no two beaches are the same and through our various posts we aim to describe exactly what makes each one special, drawing from our very own experience as avid sun-seekers and beach-going travellers.

Whether you love the serene, soothing beauty of tropical beaches or you are fascinated by the big waves of the Pacific ocean, here we give you our opinion on what we believe to be some of the best and most striking – from the ideal family beachside spots to the romantic secluded coves for couples or the fun, activity-packed beaches for active swimmers and water sports lovers; we list them all and try them all.

Beaches, beaches, beaches might think they're all the same but each is special and unique – in this space we'll show you just how.

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