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Accommodation in Central America

Select from centric and chic urban locations, charming rural towns, quaint and colourful villages or serene sandy beaches. Our lodging options in Central America offer it all.

From minimalistic simplicity that comes in the form of a welcoming hotel with views over a colonial town's buzzing heart, to edgier, more sophisticated and sleek properties that make luxury a bare basic standard in a centric location, or, off-the-beaten path townhouses with charming local hosts, in Central America you'll certainly have plenty to choose from when it comes to finding that special place to lay your head on after the day's adventures have ended.

Just as Central America is varied and diverse despite its limited confines, so are our lodging options in this colourful subcontinent. With The Holiday Place you can choose to base yourself at quirky, family-owned properties around farms, cities or the countryside just as easily as you can opt to book yourself in at an elegant and modern city hotel or a grand stately rural home in more remote locations like coffee plantations or wildlife reserves.

From no-frills yet intensely captivating hideouts to more refined hideaways with all the modern luxury and comforts, none of our accommodation options in Central America is lacking any essentials. You can choose according to your taste or budget, and as such, they may vary in shape, form, facilities and prices, but the one thing they all have in common is quality, the kind you're after for a much-needed respite and break from all the action.

So, whether it may be a rustic hut by the beachside, a sprawling coastal resort, a sleepy fishing village or a quaint town location, our accommodation in Central America delivers. They all offer just what you need after a hectic day of non-stop discovery and adventure.

Destinations in Central America

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