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Lucy Grewcock

The Escape Artist

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One-off experiences, action-filled adventures and eye-popping cultural encounters: my kind of travel is all about switching-off from the everyday to discover the ultimate escape.

If you can ski it, surf it, bike it or hike it, I'm there. But I'm a sucker for culture too and find chaotic cities and ethnic enclaves just as exciting.

From windsurf instructor to chalet girl, I've travelled under many different guises but nowadays you'll find me scribbling in my notebook, penning my next travel article for the national press.

A Mandarin degree sent me to China in my 20s, as an expedition leader I've guided groups in the Amazon and, when I won the Guardian's ‘adventure travel writing competition,' the paper packed me off to Antarctica.

Follow my blogs to find inspiration for your next escape.


Lucy's Been There Done That

  • Dived with whale sharks in the Philippines and great whites in South Africa
  • Travelled the long way round by train, bus and bike from Beijing to Hong Kong
  • Hung out with penguins and elephant seals on the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Canoed crocodile-filled backwaters in the Amazon Rainforest
  • Escaped from reality on an orangutan research base in the rainforests of Borneo
  • Dodged crevasses and polar bears on a 5-week camping trip in the Arctic

Recent articles by Lucy

  • 15 May 2017
  • Travel Story
Always adventuring

Second time in Thailand - Where to go on a return visit

A second visit to Thailand is a quest that many travellers go on, especially UK ones, who are usually especially keen on returning and enjoying more of this stunning Asian gem. How to make the most of a second Thailand holiday after seeing if for the first time? Read on to find inspiring tips on how to make the most of a second journey to the buzzing capital, the cultural north and the idyllic beaches to rediscover the country in more than one fascinating way.
  • 21 Mar 2017
  • Travel Story
Always adventuring

Ethical Elephant Tourism in Thailand

Many travellers and animal lovers are seduced by the idea of interacting with elephants on a holiday, and many places in Asia offer tourists an opportunity to ride on their backs, but the experience has been tarnished with reports of the practice being cruel and of exploiters mistreating animals. Yet, there's a right way to get close to these fascinating gentle giants and that's by finding the right ethical company. Keep reading to find out about my personal elephant encounters in Thailand.
  • 20 Feb 2017
  • Travel Story
Always adventuring

A Guide to Transport in Thailand

Getting out and about in Thailand is not complex at all, not when you know a little bit about the many options on offer and how to make the most of them. This blog aims to enlighten you on the many ways to travel around Thailand, using as many means of transport as necessary, depending on where you're based and where you want to go. From tuk-tuks to elephant rides, trains, boats, flights and everything in between, here is my guide to using Thailand's varied (and often somewhat quirky) transport system.
  • 17 Jan 2017
  • Travel Story
Always adventuring

Thailand's five best national park forests

Thailand is blessed with jaw-dropping national parks that blanket its mountains, fill its valleys and spill out onto its beaches. While many tourist brochures show stunning images of coral reefs, remote islands and coastal reserves, there's far more to Thailand's national parks than sea and sand; in fact, some of the country's richest and most pristine wildlife lies in its forests, as I discovered on a recent trip.
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