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Claire Boobbyer

Cultural Explorer

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Claire fell in love with Cuba after her first trip to the island for Christmas in 1998. Since then, she has explored all corners of this fabled isle, and has written articles about the island for national newspapers, magazines, and numerous guidebooks.

Cuba's seductive musical rhythms, its gregarious people, its stunning beaches, glorious Spanish colonial architecture, cool mountain air, lethally good cocktails, and storied home-grown revolution, have continually piqued her interest.

Claire speaks fluent Spanish, dances Cuban salsa, and makes a mean minty mojito!

Claire also loves to explore Central America, and Southeast Asia. She is author of guides to Guatemala, Vietnam and Laos, and regularly writes about these countries for the national press.


Claire's Been There Done That

  • Fishing for the once-in-a-waning-moon appearance of the 'teti' fish in Baracoa with local fishermen
  • Spending Holy Week with Maya idol Maximon in the town of Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala
  • Searching for treasure off the pirate coast of the Isle of Youth - famous for sheltering plundering buccaneers
  • Motorbiking off the beaten track in Ha Giang province in northern Vietnam
  • Learning to become a cigar roller in Pinar del Rio
  • Slow boating all the way from northern Laos down the Nam Ou river to Luang Prabang

Recent articles by Claire

  • 24 Aug 2017
  • Travel Story
The world is my oyster

Cocktails and cabanas on the beach in Cuba at new seaside resort

As we lolled about in the shallow water looking out on to a horizon of infinite blue, it was hard to get up and go. There was nothing pressing, really, just more sunbathing, drinking cocktails, and unwinding at Cuba's most famous beach spot.
  • 30 Aug 2016
  • Travel Story
The world is my oyster

Hopping aboard the Hershey train in Cuba!

One of the least explored off the beaten track experiences in western Cuba, riding the Hershey train all the way from Havana to Matanzas, was sitting atop my bucket list of Cuban adventures. Here I unveil the secrets to venturing through this part of the island like locals do, with no other tourist in sight. Read on to find out more about my captivating three-hour Hershey train ride, the places to stop at and wander around, the must-do attractions worthy of getting off to see, and what lies at the end of the journey. This time I did it right and proper, I rode the whole 52 miles of track to Matanzas and back, discovering a rare, raw side of Cuba few are privileged to get to know upclose and personal.
  • 05 Aug 2016
  • Travel Story
The world is my oyster

My long weekend in Luang Prabang - the golden city of Laos

Join me on my discovery of former Laos capital, Luang Prabang and learn all about its dazzling, captivating attractions; from aesthetically pleasing French colonial buildings to awe-inspiring Buddhist temples and a growing variety of coffee shops, restaurants and bars. To celebrate its 21th anniversary of being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I ventured into this small and glistening South-East Asian jewel. Read on to see what I found out about it here.
  • 04 Jun 2016
  • Travel Story
The world is my oyster

From party town to adventure capital: Vang Vieng in Laos

Discover how Van Vieng transformed and evolved throughout the years to leave its past as potentially dangerous party town to glorified adventure capital with a wealth of attractions for serious travellers in search of raw experiences. Follow me on my journey along this incredible part of Laos, tasting authentic cuisine from ingredients grown in an organic farm, enjoying insightful cooking classes, tubing down the Nam Song River and diving into the pools of the Nam Theam Waterfall. A truly memorable experience.
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