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Caroline Howley

Travel Enthusiast and Writer

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9 months, 3 continents, 1 backpack! Taking a career break in style

After spending five years fitting my long-haul travel dreams around my writing job, I decided that 2015 would be the the year I take on the world properly.

'Properly' for me meant dusting off my travel bucket list, throwing some darts at a map, and taking my pen on the road for nine months in order to finally experience the places I've always wanted to go, and to be surprised and challenged by those I never knew I did.

My trip is taking me from the highlands of Peru, through the salt flats of Bolivia and the beaches of Rio across to South East Asia, where Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia are on the itinerary, before I finally touch down in Australia.

Follow my blog if you've always dreamed of swapping your nine-to-five for exotic cultures and faraway beaches, and want to live the adventure alongside me - or maybe gain inspiration and ideas for your own career break.


Caroline's Been There Done That

  • Lost ten consequential games of Connect 4 to one of Bangkok's ladyboys
  • Welcomed a glorious sunrise at Angkor Wat
  • Quad biked to Echo Mountain in Egypt's Sinai desert to shout into the void
  • Reached Machu Picchu after four coca tea-fuelled days on the Inca Trail
  • Feasted on BBQ'd rat with the hill tribes of Chiang Mai
  • Sung along with a gospel choir at a church in the Bronx

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  • 04 Mar 2017
  • Travel Story
The world's longest out of office

Vilnius: A winter wonderland with soul

With a beautiful Christmas market, an intriguing history and a hip bar scene, Vilnius made a perfect winter destination for a festive trip. We had five days to explore the Lithuanian capital, but with a lacklustre first impression, was there more to the city than there first appeared?
  • 06 Feb 2017
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The world's longest out of office

My 2016 travel highlights: From the glittering Adriatic to the dive bars of Kreuzberg

From the glistening Adriatic Sea to the striking coastal beauty of the Atlantic Ocean in the Algarve region, follow my journey along some of Europe's least explored sights, taking in some of the most dazzling, yet unknown wonders of Croatia, Germany and Portugal. Driving the roads, experiencing cities like a local and going wine-sampling at a "pay as you feel" hip haunt, read more to find out about the hidden gems in some of Europe's most popular and less talked about hotspots.
  • 12 Dec 2016
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The world's longest out of office

Sun, sea and lots of tapas: A relaxing week in quaint Tavira

As much as I love adventure travel, sometimes everyone needs to relax. With this in mind, this summer I holidayed in Tavira - a quiet city on the Algarve - with only sunbathing, sangria and tapas on my itinerary.
  • 08 Nov 2016
  • Travel Story
The world's longest out of office

My Croatian road trip: Konoba crawls in Roman Zadar, trendy Zagreb and the fairytale waterfalls of Plitvice

In Dubrovnik and Split we'd wandered the sun-drenched streets and hidden passageways of the marble old towns, followed in historical footsteps and gorged ourselves on food and drink at the konobas and alleyway bars we'd happened upon. After a brief ferry crossing we found ourselves on Brac, where we bought several bottles of the island's delicious olive oil, and cycled to a private cove for a swim in the clear, aquamarine waters. Now we were leaving the dreamy south behind us as we journeyed up the coast road towards our final destination: Zagreb, the nation's capital.
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