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Maldives' Diva officially declared the Best holiday destination for Whale-Shark spotting

One of the world's best places to spot whale sharks in their natural habitat, the Diva Maldives Resort and Spa has been officially awarded the title of "best for Whale Sharks y the Maldives Complete guide.

Maldives' Diva officially declared the Best holiday destination for Whale-Shark spotting

The Maldives is without doubt, one of the best places on earth to see whale sharks in their natural habitat and get an up-close and personal experience with these amazing sea creatures. And the absolute best diving place for this is near an exclusive Maldives hotel, the Diva Maldives Resort and Spa.

Situated close to the Dhidhdhooo Beryru Faru dive site (which also happens to be one of the best diving walls in the Maldives) the Diva resort is in a primary location for enjoying the best of marine life that these islands have to offer. And now out of all Maldives hotels, the Maldives Complete guide has selected the Diva resort as the very best for whale shark watching and swimming. This beautiful Maldives hotel has now been officially awarded with the title of “Best for Whale Sharks”.

Maldives Complete is the most comprehensive online guide to Maldives hotels and resorts with the broadest resort database and a filterable searching option according to the each of the Maldives hotels’ unique attributes, features and rates. One of the popular features of the site is its Blog section, offering tips and advice which also include the ‘Best of Maldives’ awards to various resorts for their distinctive and superlative offerings. In this case, the award for “Best for Whale Sharks” has been awarded to the Diva Resort and Spa. This incredible resort is truly what paradise is made of! A small and intimate island hotel, surroundend by a crystal-clear lagoon and miles and miles of ocean in shades of blue and turquoise; this is the place for a real break, far removed from the bustle of modern life, full of tropical greenery, encircled by a fabulous lagoon… perfect for swimming and snorkelling whilst being close to the Maldives' best dive sites…and now officially declared the best place for whale-shark-watching! What more could you ask for an incredible Maldives holiday?

For some time now, Maldives holidays have offered travelers with the unique opportunity of swimming next to these wonderful marine animals and now they know which Maldives hotel to stay at for taking part in this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity! As Tim Godfrey reports in his Dive: Maldives book: “The whale shark, Rhincodon typus, is the largest of all fish reaching 15 metres in length. It is a plankton eater and harmless to humans. Divers fortunate enough to see one will find them curious and fearless, sometimes allowing divers to get close enough to feel their rough skin...In early times, whale sharks were caught by brave Maldivian fisherman who would swim with a rope into the mouth of the shark and out through the gills...The practice of swimming into the mouth of a whale shark was outlawed long ago. In one case, a fisherman from Addoo Atoll was sentenced to 80 strokes of the cane and banished to an island for risking his life by capturing whale sharks in this way.”

The ‘Euro-Divers’ dive centre at the Diva Maldives hotel adds: “We are also 1 of the 2 locations world wide with all year round whale sharks. This is our other main attraction. These gentle giants can be found on our outside reefs. Juvenile whale sharks what we have here are between the 3 and 8 meters long.”

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