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World's Largest Swimming Pool to Be Built at Sharm El Sheikh

Crystal Lagoons, the creators of the world's largest swimming pool, has a new ambitious task as part of a major building plan to take place in Sharm El Sheikh. Among their projects there will be a new record-breaking pool measuring 8.8 hectares in size

World's Largest Swimming Pool to Be Built at Sharm El Sheikh

A new ambitious project by Crystal Lagoons, (the creator of the world's largest swimming pool) is taking place at Sharm El Sheikh, right in the middle of the Egyptian dessert, as part of a major building plan that also includes the development of new five star Sharm El Sheikh hotels, some 30,000 real estate properties, a museum and a shopping centre.

This new magnificent construction is set to revolutionise Sharm El Sheikh holidays and increase the popularity of this already popular beach holiday destination in Egypt. The gigantic new pool will consist of 12 giant lagoons that will be built right at Sharm El Sheikh's beach. These beautiful crystal clear pools will be a unique feature to add to the many existing and mystical charms of this Egyptian oasis in the midst of the dessert.

The biggest of these pools will be measuring no less than 8.8 hectares in size, becoming the largest in the world after the one in San Alfonso del Mar, Chile, which has an area of 8 hectares. Also built by Crystal Lagoons, the latter 1km-long wonder will soon be surpassed by its Egyptian sibling set amidst ultra-luxurious Sharm El Sheikh hotels and becoming the first of other 4 tourist projects that will take place in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Alexandria.

Set to be finished soon with its completion date expected to be somewhere around July 2009, this new awe-inspire attraction will drive much interest from curious holidaymakers that might want to personally experience the vastness of this oasis in an indulging Sharm El Sheikh holiday.

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