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Sri Lanka blossoming as it shakes off war gloom

As Sri Lanka's 30 year old civil war finally came to an end in May 2009 a new period of prolonged peace sparks much optimism for the country's tourism future and the creation of new facilities & development of new resorts becomes the subject of talk

Sri Lanka blossoming as it shakes off war gloom

The charming island of Sri Lanka who has long been a favourite holiday destination for British travellers has finally reached a euphoric mood of relief and celebration as its 30 year old civil war finally came to an end last month. As a period of prolonged peace dawns on the island there is much optimism for a new era of blossoming tourism and the creation of new hospitality facilities and the exploration of new areas to add to its already ravishing product portfolio.

Soon the country will see a period of revamping and flourishing, with internal flights expected to resume shortly and major new construction plans to go ahead with new highways already being scheduled up and hotel groups getting in line for making the most of the island's stunning east coast which will make the country a true year-round beach destination.

Many wildlife safari options will open up to rival those in Africa with their huge herds of elephants and amazingly enough also one of the highest concentration of leopards in the world. Another new feature to be reintroduced to the island will be the use of helicopter hotel transfers for the Tea estates and the more upmarket hotels . something that proved impossible during the war years.

Although it might probably take longer for the Far North to completely open up (perhaps from 2 to 3 years minimum) the iconic journey by train that goes from Jaffna to Colombo (and vice versa) will be back on the tourist agenda together with visits to Hindu temples, bird sanctuaries as well as the opening of some good diving & snorkelling sites.

Sanjika Perera, director of UK & Ireland Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau said: "With peace comes hope for a revitalised tourism product. Some of the island's most beautiful beaches, in the east, will once again be accessible. Yala National Park will also be re-opened to tourists; visitors will be able to experience some of Sri Lanka's best wildlife including leopard and elephant".

"Now at last Sri Lanka can offer a completely peaceful, terrorist free option. Moreover tourists will know that their money is contributing to the rebuilding of the community as a whole."

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