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Susannah Riggs recommends a temazcal therapy as the latest wellness treatment in Mexico

Writing for The Independent, Susannah Rigg raves about a traditional Mexican wellness treatment and spiritual ritual that's the newest trend in therapeutical wellbeing. While the result is feeling of mental and physical purification, the experience has its darker side, a sort of rite of passage that forces you to overcome your fears to reach the climatic Nirvana. Here we explore what a "temazcal" experience entails and where in Mexico you can enjoy one...for free!

Susannah Riggs recommends a temazcal therapy as the latest wellness treatment in Mexico

A radical therapeutical experience for all the senses described as a “symbolic rebirth” in a “small, dark womb-like space” by Susannah Riggs on a recent article published in The Independent, the temazcal experience, as scary as it may sound for some, is fast becoming the number one natural healing therapy and wellness trend to try in Mexico.

The word “trend” may make "temazcal" sound like a new, hip and innovative treatment yet it couldn't be more ancient. The practice predates the colonial era and was used by Mexico's Aztec civilisations to cleanse both body and mind. Mesoamerican temazcales have been discovered at the heart of once great cities and they are as old as they are potentially life-changing.

A temazcal is a purposely-built small hut, with no windows or openings and whose only tiny door is closed shut for the duration of the ritual, leaving participants in pitch-black darkness amidst wisps of drifting smoke as water is poured over hot stones, time and time again, creating a sauna-like (only more intense) atmosphere in which many find it hard to breathe at first, but you gradually adjust as your pores and lungs open up to the chanting of a spiritual healer. The womb-like structure in which patients are enclosed acts like a channel connecting heaven and earth (the underworld) and serves as a place of transition in which to leave all the negative emotional energy behind and come out renewed. Refreshed. Reborn.

The experience is shocking for some, invigorating for most and part-scary, part-exhilarating due to the enclosure´s pitch black darkness, the rising steamy heat that gets overbearing after a while, the shaman's low chanting, the strong aroma of eucalyptus and mezcal, which make your eyes water. It's a lot to take in and everything at once. There's an element of claustrophobia that. If you are claustrophobic this might not be, but again, due to its spiritual nature, it might just be the thing to cure your fears. Who knows?

There are clear health benefits too beyond the spiritual resetting and chakra alignment, after shedding what feels like your bodyweight in sweat your skin will come out glisteningly soft, and before leaving the temazcal it will have been rubbed in pulverised orange (your hair smoothened with honey) and your lungs will have expanded, your heart rate raised and your mind uplifted.

Now is the time to tell you how you can enjoy a full temazcal experience for free, and without having to venture into more off the beaten path areas of Mexico. As I myself told you some time ago, AMResorts has introduced Temazcal therapies to five of its Mexico resorts, offering this ancient restorative ritual to guests on a complimentary basis. Provided as part of the resort´s signature Unlimited-Luxury all-inclusive concept, the Temazcal ceremony is available at the Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya, Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa, Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf and Spa Resort, Huatulco Resort and Spa and Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun.

All you need to do is book a stay at either of these beautiful properties and you'll automatically get the opportunity to experience this cleansing Mexican ritual for free and decide whether it is for your and whether it's worth all the hype or not. We can tell you one thing: it´s not for the faint-hearted!

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