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Dubai launches two #StaySunny video promos aimed at families and youngsters

  • 18-Mar-17 16:13
  • Dubai
  • THP Travel News

As part of their Easter Campaign, the Dubai Tourist board has released two new promotional videos enticing travellers to take a sunny break from British weather's gloom and doom in always reliably radiant and cloud-free Dubai. While one video is aimed at freeing families from annoying clothing layers, the other one inspires young girls in search a fun, sun-filled escape.

Dubai launches two #StaySunny video promos aimed at families and youngsters

We might technically be close to spring in the UK, yet temperatures aren't that much warmer and sunshine remains elusive. And that lack of sunny weather is precisely what Dubai's Tourist Board is tapping on with their new Easter campaign #StaySunny, launching two brand new promotional videos, one aimed at families seeking an escape from dreary urban life (and stormy weather) and the one aimed at millennials after a sunny, rain-free party lifestyle.

The family video sees a mum coming home after a grocery shopping trip, only to find that dad is busy on a work call and hasn't had time to take the son for an outing to the park, which means she must face the stormy weather once again and layer up the young tot to brave the fierce wind outside.

Just when she's finished layering up and opens the door to go outside, the little one announces he needs a wee. She sighs and the video closes in with an aerial shot of the with the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the caption:

"Enjoy family fun without the layers."

The video ends with a happy family scene as dad and son come down the water slide and splash about in a massive pool.

The second video sees a young lady getting ready for a night out while a few girlfriends wait for her in a car outside. Like in the previous video she struggles to layer up and doesn't look very happy with the puffy end result as she looks into the mirror – not quite the party look.

As she steps out into the rain and crams into the car, squeezing next to two girlfriends she draws a sun with her finger on the steamy window and a caption pops up:

"Why wish it?"

As the camera zooms in on a scenic image of Dubai Lake and another caption reads:

"A fun girls' trip is a few hours away."

The next scenes show the girls having fun shopping and enjoying cocktails as the #StaySunny caption closes in.

All in all, two highly evocative videos of harsh winter and wet spring realities for westerners, especially here in the UK when summer is still a long way away. But now you know, if you fancy a bit of spring sunshine, Dubai is a pleasant short flight away, with guaranteed sunshine whatever the time of year!

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