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Wanderlust recommends travellers what to see and do in Sri Lanka

For first-time travellers to Sri Lanka, the editors of Wanderlust have compiled a list of their recommendations for the country, a small nation with a wide variety of activities and sites. Nature-lovers will love the country’s pristine beaches and national parks, and more adventurous types can venture into its jungles and mountains ranges. For those drawn to culture and history, the country also boasts numerous World Heritage Sites.

Wanderlust recommends travellers what to see and do in Sri Lanka

A tiny country at the tip of India, Sri Lanka is packed full of incredible natural beauty, ancient culture, friendly people, and diverse wildlife.

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Sri Lanka is famous among travellers for its serene beaches, mountains, and dense jungles. The small country is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it a popular destination among those with an interest in history and culture.

So where do you go, when there are so many beautiful, historic sites to choose from? The editors at have compiled a list of Sri Lanka’s must-see destinations to help first-time visitors plan their Sri Lanka bucket list.

Temple of the Tooth

Located in the holy city of Kandy, the Temple of the Tooth is believed to house the upper right canine tooth of the Buddha himself. It is believed to have been taken from the Buddha as his body lay on his funeral pyre. Each day, white-clad religious pilgrims pay their respects by offering frangipani petals and lighting votive candles.

Check out the wildlife in Yala

Sri Lanka is famous for its wildlife, and boasts numerous national parks where visitors can get a bird’s eye view of animals such as the spotted leopard. Hugging the Indian Ocean, Yala has been a wildlife sanctuary since 1900 and a national park since 1938.

Have tea in Nurweya Eliya

Known in Sri Lanka’s tourist industry as “Little England,” Nurweya Eliya is a center of the country’s tea industry. Visitors can spend a day here, strolling among the terraced tea estates and shopping for samples to bring home.

Take the train

The Sri Lankan countryside is breath-taking and deserves to be explored. The country’s roads, however, can be trying. A better option is to take a train, and the route from Colombo to Nurweya Eliya offers incredible scenery.

Climb Sigiriya

Perhaps one of Sri Lanka’s most striking sites, Sigiriya is one of the country’s World Heritage Sites. A massive outcropping of rock, it is topped with a fortress dating back to the 5th century AD.

Go hiking

With so much incredible scenery and so many winding roads and trails, Sri Lanka is a great destination for hikers. Some of the country’s most popular hiking trails are around the Knuckles Range, but hikers in this area are advised to use a guide, as it’s easy to get lost.

Befriend orphaned elephants

If you’ve ever wanted to see elephants up-close and personal, one of the best ways to do that is to go to Pinnewala, where 80 orphaned elephants take their daily drink. From the restaurants lining the banks of the river, visitors are treated to great views of these wonderful creatures.

With so many scenic and culturally significant destinations, Sri Lanka is a small country with a wealth of choices for travellers.

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