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The Holiday Place launches video to reveal what lies behind the quintessential mojito

After a local contest was carried out to see which was the most popular Cuban cocktail among our Cuba-loving staff (most of whom have been to Cuba several times themselves), the mojito was crowned the ultimate king of all Cuban drinks, which propelled us to create a special video telling you all about the most quintessential of Cuban beverages.

The Holiday Place launches video to reveal what lies behind the quintessential mojito

Probably the most easily recognisable Cuban drink in the world, the unmistakable mojito is indeed close to our hearts at The Holiday Place, so much so, that when a few days ago we did a contest to see which was the most popular Cuban cocktail among our staff members (and Cuba experts), it was ultimately crowned the island's best cocktail.

A long-time favourite, not just for our staff (who have all been to Cuba on several occasions and tried mojitos at over 20 different bars and hotels), there are many facts about this Cuban staple that the public ignores, like the fact that the Cuban mojito is actually the UK's number cocktail!

Feeding off this insightful feedback, we decided to make our own video about the mojito, to enlighten the world about this popular Cuban drink's history, its origins, its ingredients (with detailed proportions) and a few fun facts to ponder on next time you sip on this refreshing beverage that has rum, lime, sugar and mint leaves as its main core ingredients.

In our video we not only show you how to make the best, most authentic mojito in town, but we let you in on a few secrets regarding its creation, the famous people who flew all the way to Havana to enjoy it, as well as the etymological meaning of its name, with African roots that roughly translate as "spellbinding".

We also give you the best tip anyone could ever give you when it comes to sampling the best mojito – you should come and experience it in Cuba! Only there you will get to appreciate it in all its glory and feel a little of its spellbinding magic, from the authenticity of the flavour, to the original surroundings that inspired its coming into the world. Clink, clink...bottoms up!

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