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New high-speed train station planned for Great Wall of China

  • 13-Oct-16 13:38
  • China
  • China Daily

China has announced plans to construct the world’s deepest and largest high-speed railway station close to the most popular part of the Great Wall of China. The new underground station will be one of ten stops along the new super-fast train line between the Chinese capital Beijing and the 2022 Winter Olympics city of Zhangjiakou.

New high-speed train station planned for Great Wall of China

China plans to construct the world’s biggest and deepest high-speed railway station below a popular section of the Great Wall, according to China Daily. The underground train station will be part of the new 174km-long railway line between the country’s capital Beijing and the north-western city of Zhangjiakou, linking together the venues for China’s 2022 Winter Olympics.

The new station will be situated close to the Badaling part of the Great Wall. Around 80km north-west of Beijing and winding through a mountainous landscape, it is the most visited section of the UNESCO World Heritage Site drawing millions of tourists each year.

China Railway No 5 Engineering Group’s director Chen Bin, said: 

“The Badaling station will be located 102 metres below the surface, with an underground construction area of 36,000 square metres, equal to five standard soccer fields, making it the deepest and largest high-speed railway station in the world.” 

According to Bin, the new station will have three floors, separate levels for arriving and departing passengers-similar to airports-and two 62-metre-high escalators, which will be the tallest in the country.

An engineer in charge of the Badaling section of the railway told China Daily that:

"It will be the most difficult section to construct as it runs through the mountainous landscape beside the Great Wall."

To ensure the world-famous monument is not disturbed, the engineers have adopted some of the world's most advanced explosion technologies.

The Great Wall station will be one of 10 stops along the new high-speed route that is expected to be completed by 2019, well ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Trains will travel at speeds of up to 350km per hour, cutting the journey time between Beijing North and Chongli in Zhangjiakou by more than two thirds. The commute will be reduced from three hours to just 50 minutes. There will also be two branch lines connecting Yanqing and Chongli.

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