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Rebel Mouse recommends four must-see places in Vietnam

A recent article published on Rebel Mouse listed four different sites not to miss on a holiday to Vietnam. Highlighting how travelling to this South-East Asian country was more affordable than many thought, the writer talks about Vietnam’s unique riches, wealth of incredible beaches and eye-opening heritage as well as its contrast of modern cosmopolitan hubs. But mainly, she says there are four reasons you should come here, and we list them all.

Rebel Mouse recommends four must-see places in Vietnam

Over recent years, Vietnam has been rising in popularity among international travellers, yet it still not considered as one of the top destinations featuring on the average holidaymaker’s bucket list and remains somewhat regarded as an adventurer or backpacker’s stop. An article recently published on Rebel Mouse aims to dispel this misconception, illustrating why this should be a country at the top on any traveller’s bucket list and why it’s worth considering as a beach holiday destination as much as a mystical, history-rich, culturally enchanting and eye-opening nation.

Explaining why anyone should care to visit Vietnam, Rebel Mouse lists four reasons and places no one should overlook when journeying into this wondrous land.

Four places everyone should visit during their holidays in Vietnam

1. Dalat – a cool haunt despite its sizzling summers

Home to rolling green valleys, lush misty scenery all around and abundant wildlife, this blessed region in Vietnam dotted by verdant pine trees was once the summer retreat of Vietnamese emperors and French colonists. Nowadays, it retains is former glory intact and visitors can feast their eyes on beautiful French colonial architecture, admire pretty villas set amidst postcard-perfect landscapes. With a jaw-dropping location in Vietnam’s South Central Highlands, this is one town worthy of a lengthy stop.

2. My Son – an archaeological marvel on the central coast

Yes, its name might make you smile for its resemblance to the English words used by a parent to refer to its male offspring, yet there’s nothing funny about this dazzling archaeological jewel. Also known as the once glorious Kingdom of Cham, this cluster of ruins and abandoned Hindu temples dating as far back in time as the 4th and 14th century, constitutes one of the country’s most impressive archaeological sites.

Erected by the kings of Champa and honouring the Hindu deity of Shiva, all of the astonishing temple ruins here are certainly inspiring and their location on the Quang Nam Province in Central Vietnam, at only 10km from the historic town of Tra Kieu, makes it ideal for hopping from one attraction to the next.

3. Ho Chi Minh – the most essential of all stops

The quintessential place to see in Vietnam, the former capital and largest of Vietnam cities, it’s an obligatory stop that must not be left out of any Vietnam itinerary. Still also referred to as Saigon, its original name, it was once an important seaport for the Khmer Empire and later became the country’s capital during the Vietnam War.

Renamed after local revolutionary leader and hero, Ho Chi Minh, there’s much to see here, from the modernised cosmopolitan area buzzing with shops, markets and lively nightlife to the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Independence Palace and the imposing Ho Chi Minh City Hall. There’s plenty to keep an avid tourist entertained here and if all that wasn’t enough, the city also sits on the verge of the Mekong Delta River, which takes us to our next attraction.

4. The Mekong Delta and its floating markets

You might be asking yourself why a river is worthy of a lengthy stop in Vietnam, surely it must be scenic, but at the top of Vietnam’s attractions…why? Because of its unique and legendary floating markets, of course! You are sure to be spellbound by what will unfold in front of your eyes, thinking yourself stuck in the middle of a Hollywood film production or gone back in time a few good years.

With the Mekong Delta being one of Vietnam’s most fertile places, you will be feasting your eyes on rice paddies, sugar cane groves, fruit orchards, bird sanctuaries and entire villages. All that without even mentioning the flurry of activity as merchants exchange goods from boat to boat on the floating market. Surely a sight to take hold of your breath!

What do you think of this list?

Whilst we certainly agree with all the locations listed here, I perhaps would add one or two more, such as the dramatic landscapes of Vietnamese islands like Con Son, Cat Ba and Phu Quoc as well as the pristine beaches they’re home to. If you’re curious you only have to Google those names and you’ll be instantly wowed by the scenic pictures that show up – almost too dreamily perfect to be believed! And the reality is that photos don’t do it justice, they’re all the more impressive and breath-taking upclose.

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