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The story behing El Pacifico hotel in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is emerging as a hotspot in Central America with miles of coastline and unspoilt beaches, tropical forests, and all-year-round sunshine. The coastal town of San Juan del Sur on the Pacific Ocean side and is attracting travellers from afar. After months of travelling, one American couple have decided to make the laidback Sur Juan del Sur their new home.

The story behing El Pacifico hotel in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

With miles of coastline that face both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, dense jungles and diverse wildlife, Nicaragua is becoming a popular travel destination in Central America.

The laidback lifestyle of the coastal town of San Juan del Sur is attracting holidaymakers from afar, and one couple who have decided to make it their new home. Jennings Wright and her husband Chuck are both in their 50s and from the United States, but after months of travelling, they decided to move to San Juan del Sur. The town sits on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua and has become the new home of many expats.

After recently becoming “empty nesters”, the couple were looking for a new adventure, and the affordable costs of Nicaragua was a huge attraction. They spent weeks driving around the country, visiting towns, cities, and villages including Leon, Las Penitas, Granada and Asseradores, before reaching San Juan del Sur and seeing its potential for employment and businesses. There, they decided to buy El Pacifico hotel.

Jennings explained:

“When we arrived in San Juan del Sur, we found the hotel that we wanted to buy the second day. Investing in a project in a southern coastal city in the U.S. would have cost at least four or five times as much. Not to mention that the rules, regulations, and bureaucracy in the States will strangle you. The hotel, El Pacifico, was open for business when we bought it, so we hit the ground running. We determined that we could make immediate improvements without investing too much.”

In addittion, it wasn’t long before fresh-baked breakfast became popular with locals and the couple turned it into a new venture called The Accidental Bakery. They now sell their baked products to local coffee shops, and they have the luxury of creating their items from their new home.

But, it’s not all about work for the American couples, and they find plenty of opportunities for downtime in San Juan del Sur. When they’re not relaxing on the beach with friends or swimming in the sea, they’re visiting nearby towns like Las Penitas, Popoyo, Playa Gigante, or shopping in Managua and Rivas.

Jennings adds

“We’ve made a good life here. We chose Nicaragua for its close proximity to the States, a low cost of living, physical beauty and ocean, and a big enough expat community to make friends and get advice. We love our life here and we’re very happy.”

Located in southwest Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur is a fishing village that has become a popular tourist town, with colourful houses and a bustling harbour. Set against a backdrop of verdant emerald hillside, the town boasts some of the country’s best sunsets from the bay, and there’s plenty to see and do for all ages.

Travellers can enjoy the eclectic nightlife in San Juan del Sur with its wide range of bars, restaurants and cafes, and the rum-based drink Flor De Cana is a hit with locals and visitors alike. Fun activities include surfing at remote beaches, zip-line canopy tours in lush forests, horse riding along the coast, or boat trips to nearby secluded beaches at Playa Madera.

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