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Adventurous canadian photographer captures mesmerizing images of Mexico and Ecuador

Carrying his entire life in a 21-foot travel trailer, Canadian photographer Benoit Paille decided to live life "off the grid" three years ago and explore the world with no strings attached. After visiting Mexico and Ecuador, the artist recently revealed some of the amazing and uncanny pictures he took. Exuberating colours and subtle ironies are his trademark.

Adventurous canadian photographer captures mesmerizing images of Mexico and Ecuador

On the road in his mobile home for three years now, Benoit Paille is an atypical artist, a conscience agitator and a creative genius who is monstrously curious, absent and edgy. This Canadian photographer decided to put aside the luxuries and comforts of his regular day-to-day life in order to explore the world, capture singular moments and sceneries and display them to the public from his individual perspective.

Cultivating a predilection for casual people and locations, kitsch landscapes, fences and strange car parks, Paille is always seeking the unexpected and the unseen. What does he take on his quest? Travelling in his 21-foot camper, the artist takes strictly minimal resources: he obtains energy from a solar panel and carries his most important tools: a camera, a flash drive and coloured gels. Paille jokes that indeed his most luxurious possession is his toaster.

This time, the photographer’s most recent adventures took place in two beautiful Latin American countries, Mexico and Ecuador. With his usual manner of transmuting natural terrains through vivid colours, he portrayed popular destinations like Quintana Roo in Mexico in a completely different light. In each picture of his trip the use of neon pinks, greens and blues become a special kind of signature, a fingerprint evidencing his own existence. His unconventional shoots show the contrast between the wonders of natural beauty and the disruption caused by industrial development.

In Paille’s own words:

“Everybody can shoot a beautiful scenery or sunset, but I’d rather be a pataphysician, (…) apply myself to think about what others don’t. I often see myself like a hyper realist painter, my pictures documenting an altered state of mind.”

In each shot an ironic undertone lets us see a subtle yet harsh critique of today’s society. He denounces the corruption of nature through this blend of natural sites including dazzling beaches, impressive fields and exotic fauna with human touches that transform these blissful sites into synthetic, artificial, marketable destinations filled with terrible pollution and contamination.

This work is the latest project Paille has been developing. Fans of his creations can also observe prior photographs filled with imagination and electricity, like the album “Rainbow Gathering in Quebec” shot in 2015 or “The Kitsch Destruction of Our World”.

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