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Top 12 delicious foods and drinks to try when visiting Puerto Rico

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is home to spectacular idyllic landscapes and tropical weather, but it's not all about sand, sea, and sun. The island's food and drink offerings are attracting travellers from all over the globe and with a variety of sweet and savoury dishes to choose from, holidaymakers will find it hard to sample it all by the end of their stay.

Top 12 delicious foods and drinks to try when visiting Puerto Rico

The emerald hills, cascading waterfalls, and white sandy beaches are often the main reasons why tourists flock to the island of Puerto Rico. The rich variety of food and drink, however, has become another reason why the island is so popular.

Here are a selection with the top 12 must-try food and drinks for holidaymakers during their stay on the picturesque Caribbean isle.


A combination of mashed plantains, pork crackling and garlic, mofongo is a filling creamy dish that can be served with a juicy steak, fresh seafood, or succulent chicken.


These cod fritters are crispy on the outside and seasoned with garlic, oregano or sweet chili peppers. The fried snack is one of the most popular in Puerto Rico, and tourists will find plenty of vendors selling them on roadside or beachfront stands.

Pina Colada

No visit to Puerto Rico would be complete without sampling a sweet pina colada. Made of frothy pineapple juice, coconut cream and Puerto Rican rum, this signature drink comes decorated with a colourful umbrella, and has been a popular tipple since the 1960s when the first one was created in a bar in San Juan.

Lechon asado

Meat-lovers will enjoy the smoky, salty flavours of this spit-roasted pig. Roasted whole over an open fire, holidaymakers won’t have to go far to try this delicious dish, and it served at open air lechoneras, roadside areas that turn into places to party at the weekends. For a chance to meet locals and taste some traditional lechon asado, Route 184 in Guavate is the place to be.

Sorullitos De Maiz

Crunchy on the outside and sweet, creamy and buttery on the inside, these deep-fried corn snacks are a delicious treat. Some are filled with a mild cheese for extra flavour, and the snacks are dipped into mayonnaise, garlic, ketchup or spices.


This traditional beach food is perfect for tucking into after a refreshing swim in the sea. Spicy beef, pork or crab is stuffed inside a dough made of green bananas, taro or root vegetables, and fried to create a delicious crispy snack.


Perfect for a hot summer’s day, piraguas are sweet shaved ice desserts that are sold by pushcart vendors in town centres and on the beachside. Pointy at the top, the hand-shaved icy treats come in a variety of delicious flavours including mango, coconut, and passion fruit.


Pounded-flat plantains that are fried twice to give them a proper crunch, tostones can be eaten as a snack on their own or turned into tostones rellenos. Tostones rellenos are plantains filled with meat combinations, garlic shrimp or octopus salad, and there are a number of varieties to be enjoyed.

Queso Frito

A popular dish for breakfast or a late night snack, queso frito are deep fried cheese cubes dipped in a sweet fruity sauce.

Arroz con habichuelas

This traditional beans and rice dish is cooked differently from the rest of the Caribbean. The beans are usually big red or pink kidney beans prepared in a salty stock and the dish is often served with meat.


Known as frappe in other destinations, batidas are refreshing fruit smoothies that are perfect for quenching thirst on a hot day. Most shops and beach stands sell them, and there are plenty of flavours to choose from.


A solution for all of those odd bits of pork, chicken, or beef, chicharrones are pieces of meat are soaked in batter and then deep-fried to create a crunchy meaty snack.

Located east of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico is home to an array of diverse tourist attractions. Holidaymakers can visit the bioluminescent bays near Fajardo where microscopic organisms in the water glow at night; take tours of the Spanish colonial buildings in Old san Juan; trek through El Yunque rainforest where catch glimpses of wild animals and colouful birds; or scuba dive in the topaz crystal clear ocean waters alongside the abundance of marine species.

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