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Nicaragua's Costa Esmeralda airport expected to launch in November

Holidaymakers will be pleased to learn that Nicaragua's first ever luxury resort- the Mukul Beach, Golf and Spa will become more accessible with the newly developed Costa Esmeralda airport expected to begin operations in November 2015. Holidaymakers will be able to book direct flights to the resort community, located 15 minutes from the new airport, from Managua and Costa Rica.

Nicaragua's Costa Esmeralda airport expected to launch in November

Nicaragua's first luxury resort the Mukul Beach, Golf and Spa will soon become more accessible for holidaymakers with the nearby Costa Esmeralda Airport expected to begin operations in November 2015.

Located just 15 minutes from the Mukul resort, travellers will be able to fly directly to the Costa Esmeralda Airport from both the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA) in Managua and Costa Rica's Liberia International Airport (LIR).

The single terminal airport, a joint venture of the Pellas Development Group and Nicaragua's Tourism Board, represents another significant investment from Don Carlos Pellas- entrepreneur, philanthropist and owner of the Pellas Development Group. Pellas is best known for his $250 million investment in developing Guacalito de la Isla, the private beach community which is also home to the Mukul Resort and Spa.

The airport is further proof that Nicaragua's tourism industry has come a long way in recent years; with the industry now a significant contributor to the Central American country's GDP. In 2014, tourism generated $445 million USD- approximately 5 per cent of Nicaragua's GDP. Notably, in the same period, tourism was the second most important source of foreign exchange earnings for Nicaragua with the average stay for international travellers averaging at 7.7 days and the spend per day ranging from $40-50 USD.

Key attractions for holidaymakers include the volcanoes, Nicaragua's wide selection of beaches, the coffee plantations and destinations like Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua, the Corn Islands on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast and colonial cities like Granada and Leon. Nicaragua's rich eco system also makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers and those keen on eco-friendly holidays.

Now with the improved accessibility to the Mukul resort it is expected that that Guacalito de la Isla will be added to the long list of pull factors for those contemplating booking holidays in Nicaragua. Mr Pellas recently noted impact the new airport would have on Nicaragua's tourism industry, he explained:

"... the arrival of Costa Esmeralda Airport will introduce the country to a global audience seeking new adventures and serve as a direct route to our majestic coast. It will reduce transfer time from Managua and Costa Rica supporting Nicaragua's flourishing tourism, which is essential to the country's development."

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