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Nicaragua named "ideal destination for adventure holidays" by International Living

Nicaragua is one of the most talked about holiday destinations in recent months. From those who are after a relaxing break in a luxury resort to the thrill seekers among us, there is something for everyone. A recent article in International Living highlighted some of the best activities for those planning adventure holidays in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua named "ideal destination for adventure holidays" by International Living

The international media continues to celebrate Nicaragua's comeback after 40 years of civil unrest. Today, Nicaragua is widely considered to be one of the trendiest holiday destinations, hailed as a more affordable and less crowded version Costa Rica.

Bonnie W. Hayman recently published an article on Nicaragua in International Living based on her experiences living there over a period of seven years.

According to Hayman, Nicaragua is:

“... one of the most beautiful, affordable and exciting countries in Central America. You can leave your stressful live behind and relax in the tranquility of a liquid gold touched sunset, listen to a gentle forest rain, or watch from your patio as thousands of fireflies make it look as though the stars have descended from the sky.”

However, Hayman noted that Nicaragua is not only perfect for a relaxing escape with attractions like the Corn Islands on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast but also it is an ideal holiday destination for adventure lovers.

One of the experiences unique to Nicaragua is volcano surfing. Holidaymakers can surf down the side of the 163 year old Cerro Negro which stands at 2388 feet tall and is a major attraction for the city of Leon. Formed from the volcanic ash of previous eruptions, surfing down the side of Cerro Negro is widely recognized as a once a lifetime experience.

Leon is the only place in the world where travellers can boast of surfing down an active volcano. Adrenaline junkies can reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour but for those who are a less confident on a surfboard there is the equally exhilarating option of running down the ashy slope.

Other activities holidaymakers can enjoy include canopy tours with the most famous in Nicaragua being the tour through Mombacho the Central American country's coffee producing region. Holidaymakers can even spend a day exploring parts of Nicaragua on horseback.

One popular destination to visit is the village of Cangrejo near San Juan del Sur where the indigenous families warmly welcome visitors. The journey through the nearby forest culminates at five natural, turquoise swimming holes and after working up an appetite at the end of the journey it is customary to enjoy traditional Nicaraguan dishes prepared by the locals including grilled chicken, gallo pinto (rice and beans), fried plantains and cabbage salad.

With something for everyone, it is no wonder that Nicaragua is fast becoming one of the most sought after holiday destinations not only in Central America but the world.

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