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Nicaragua's Little Corn Island is the ideal place to enjoy a secluded island holiday

The FT's Chris Bryant recently wrote a piece about the paradise that is Little Corn Island. Located 70km off Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast, the atmosphere in this island is the antithesis of the scenes many are witnessing at overcrowded sun sea and sand destinations in Span this summer. This secluded island, with no cars or roads, is the ideal spot for any traveller hoping for a laid back authentic island holiday.

Nicaragua's Little Corn Island is the ideal place to enjoy a secluded island holiday

When booking a sun, sea and sand holiday many travellers loathe the idea of spending their holidays on an overcrowded beach but often this can be the case as each year travellers often flock to the same trendy sunny holiday destinations.

Little Corn Island in Nicaragua however, is a refreshing break from the ordinary, this is the remote island paradise that many holidaymakers dream of. The FT recently ran a piece in their online travel column where writer Chris Bryant shared his experiences and impression of Little Corn and the Yemaya luxury yoga resort and spa.

As part of his piece, Chris Bryant spoke with Paola Carminiani. Who left the daily hustle and bustle of her life in Rome for a more laid back lifestyle in Little Corn Island in 1997 and hasn't looked back since. Carminiani shared her memories at the time of her move stating:

"When I came here there were 10 houses in the village, no phone of any kind, no transport. It was a paradise, really. You could see nurse sharks rolling by the beach and there were lobster everywhere."

Although much has changed on the island since 1997, Bryant notes that Little Corn Island has remained unspoilt with no large resorts, shopping centers or any of the of the trappings of mass tourism, in fact Little Corn doesn't have any cars or roads for that matter and as result the island never feels over crowded.

The main sign of Little Corn's development as an established holiday destination has been the establishment of a luxury yoga resort in 2013. The 16 cabana Yemaya resort has opened Little Corn to a new type of traveller with a nights stay costing approximately $400, the resort currently generates a significant amount of revenue for the island where the minimum wage is $5 a day.

"... everybody is making more money as our guests also go to the village and spend."

Explained Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa's manager Michael Bitton.

Despite an increase in the number visitors to Little Corn since the Yemaya resort opened its doors, many feel confident that the island will be able to retain its charm due to its remote location. Currently holidaymakers visiting Little Corn Island will need to first book a flight from mainland Nicaragua to Big Corn, the larger sister island to Little Corn. From Big Corn, travellers will need to take a 40 minute boat ride to Little Corn.

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