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Nicaragua's Ometepe Island continues to garner more international attention

Nicaragua is certainly among 2015's hottest holiday destinations recommended by holidaymakers, travel experts and industry insiders alike. Notably, Nicaragua's Ometepe Island has also been drumming up excitement of its own, as experts are keen to capture the unspoilt beauty of the Island before the controversial plans for a Nicaragua canal get underway.

Nicaragua's Ometepe Island continues to garner more international attention

Many will agree that Nicaragua is one of the hottest holiday destinations of 2015. At the beginning of the year, several magazines and travel experts listed the Central American country as one to visit with several citing Ometepe Island among the top attractions.

The island, which rests on the equally famous Lake Nicaragua, is best know for its two volcanoes the Maderas and Volcan Concepcion. Ometepe Island has, in recent months, generated attention not only for its biodiversity but also on the back of news that a consortium led by Chinese billionaire Wang Jing had won approval from the Nicaraguan government to build a canal in the country, 55 miles of which would across Lake Nicaragua.

Traveller Shoshanna Delventhal recently shared her experiences during her holiday in Ometepe Island on the travel blog Take off, Set Sail. Of her time at Ometepe Island where she and her travel companions took a guided hike up the Maderas Volcano. Delventhal stated:

"The atmosphere of Ometepe is refreshing, in the sense that one doesn't feel the stale and forged connection induced by some tourism-focused economies. Genuine-the people survive through means other than the travelers will, sharing their simple sense of existence with those who are lucky to have the chance."

Many are predicting that should the plans for the canal proceed, some of what makes Ometepe Island unique will be lost.

Ometepe relies on Lake Nicaragua for irrigation and to ultimately sustain its rich bio diverse ecosystem. Environmentalists argue that, if/when constructed, the controversial canal would transform the bed of Lake Nicaragua and the local rivers. Without an environmental impact assessment of the canal plans, many fear the worst.

Currently today, Ometepe remains unspoilt and continues to be one of Nicaragua's greatest eco tourism assets and with all the recent media attention holidaymakers will undoubtedly be keen to visit this island paradise before any major changes take hold.

At Ometepe Island holidaymakers can enjoy kayaking and hiking where they will have the opportunity to see the islands captivating flora and fauna including the Capuchin monkey and the mantled howler monkey in action.

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