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The Guardian publishes top tips for eco-friendly holidays

Carsharing, couchsurfing and eco-friendly hostels are among some of the Guardian's recommendations for travellers planning eco-friendly holidays. As the world's population becomes eco-conscious, the demand for green holidays is on the rise with some travellers even willing to pay extra for eco-friendly accommodation.

The Guardian publishes top tips for eco-friendly holidays

Ahead of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris, France at the end of the year when the all the nations of the world will gather to achieve a universal climate agreement, the media has been paying particular attention to climate issues.

The UK newspaper The Guardian recently published an extensive guide on tips for low-carbon, affordable holidays.

The Guardian's top tips included carsharing, noting that thanks to a range of websites like BlaBlaCar and Liftshare, holidaymakers can get to their favourite holiday destination at just a fraction of the cost with the added bonus of making new friends along the way.

Budget accommodation was identified as another way to trim the costs while on holidays. With the explosion of crowdsourced accommodation such as AirBnB and Couchsurfing in addition to a range of eco friendly budget hotels and hotels, holidaymakers are spoiled for choice.

Australia's Grampians Eco YHA hostel has managed to trim its waste and energy consumption to half that of the average hostel by operating on solar heating, rainwater tanks and recycling "greywater" from the sinks and showers.

The JetPak Ecolodge in Berlin is yet another example of an eco friendly hotel with 100% of its power generated by renewables sources, and other measures such as on site composting and a wood powered CO2 neutral heating system in place.

Although the Guardian focused on budget green holidays, its worth noting that travellers are no longer only associating green with cheap as many travellers are sparing no expense for luxury eco-friendly holidays experiences in top destinations like Costa Rica and Turkey.

In a 2014 TripAdvisor survey, more than half of its customers (57 percent) stated that they often made eco-friendly holiday decisions. Half of the holidaymakers surveyed stated that they would spend more money for a stay in an eco friendly hotel with 23 per cent saying they would spend an additional $25 per night for a green hotel while nine per cent said they would be willing to spend an extra $25-$50.

The World Travel Guide's most recent list of the top 20 eco friendly destinations in the world included Costa Rica (which earned top rank), Ecuador, Rwanda, Uruguay, Sweden, Australia and Turkey.

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