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Nicaragua continues to receive high profile praise

The Wall Street Journal is the latest a high profile publication to pile on the praise for Nicaragua holidays. Journalist Polya Lesova visited Granada and San Juan del Sur and had the opportunity to experience a bit of all Nicaragua had to offer from the cuisine and the friendly people to breath-taking views of Lake Nicaragua and surfing.

Nicaragua continues to receive high profile praise

The Wall Street Journal recently published yet another article singing the praises of Nicaragua as a top holiday destination.

The Journal's Polya Lesova recently wrote an article recounting her experiences while on holiday with her husband in Nicaragua stating:

"We'd been to Costa Rica and Guatemala and were eager to get away from Central America's more touristy corners and tap its natural beauty.

"Nicaragua fit the bill: Its diverse geography includes smoking volcanoes for climbing and both a Pacific and Caribbean coastline, ideal given our plans to swim, surf and sail".

Lesova raved about her experiences in Granada, a 30 mile ride from Managua airport, where she and her husband along with other travellers had the opportunity to visit a nearby dormant volcano Mobacho followed by a guided hike through the forest after which they were rewarded with breathtaking views of Lake Nicaragua and the active Masaya volcano.

Eager to experience all that Nicaragua had to offer, Lesova also spent some days at the Pelican Eyes Resort in San Juan del Sur- one of Nicaragua's top sun, sea and sand holiday destinations on the Pacific Coast.

Articles like the one from Lesova highlight the huge strides Nicaragua has made towards shedding its image of a country scarred by social and political upheaval. Today many would say that Nicaragua poses a very real threat to Cost Rica's position as the top holiday destination in Central America.

In recent months Nicaragua has been generating widespread international attention thanks to rave reviews and recommendations from high profile publications like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and the Boston Globe which controversially described Costa Rica as "old news" and instead named Nicaragua among its list of the top six must see destinations for 2015.

The World Economic Forum's recent Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2015 indicates however, that Nicaragua still has some ground to cover if it is to displace Costa Rica's position on the throne. While Costa Rica is still among the most expensive destinations, it still managed to be ranked 42nd compared to a rank of 92 for Nicaragua. However, with a continued stream of positive media coverage many of which cite Nicaragua as an equally appealing but more budget friendly holiday alternative to Costa Rica, it can't be long before Nicaragua is officially crowned the "new Costa Rica".

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