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Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell on holiday in Cuba

Hilton's most famous heiress Paris Hilton recently revealed she had flown into Cuba when she posted an Instagram photo of herself in Old Havana. More recently, another set of photos has been circulating around the web and causing much furore. They show Paris and Naomi Campbell attending a special gala dinner hosted by former president Fidel Castro's eldest son, Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart.

Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell on holiday in Cuba

It was a shock to most to see a member of the legendary American Hilton family entering Cuba after over half a century of ill-relations between the two countries and the total forced abandonment of the Hilton brand after Castro’s government nationalised all hotels in the island.

The granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the man who famously opened the Hilton Habana (now Tryp Habana Libre) back in 1958, barely a year before Castro and his bearded rebels won the revolution, couldn’t wait to tell everyone where she was heading next as she announced via her Twitter account:

“Taking off to Cuba! I won't have phone service for a couple days. So if I don't respond to your texts it's cause I'm not receiving them.”

Shortly after she shared a snapshot of herself standing next to some giant teddy bears which where part of an exhibition currently being showcased in Old Havana’s iconic San Francisco de Asis Square. She completed her photo with the caption.

“Loving Old Havana! So beautiful & unique.”

Other Instagram pictures that soon followed included one of here standing in a rooftop with the following caption:

"There's some beautiful architecture here in Cuba."

Perhaps one of the most iconic is a shot of her standing in a balcony of the hotel her grandfather built in a Marylin Monroe-inspired dress. She captioned this photo with the words:

"Posing in front of the original 'Habana Hilton Hotel' that my great grandfather Conrad opened here in 1958."

And then there are the famous snapshots of her and Naomi Campbell standing next to Fidel Castro’s eldest son; Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart while attending Cuba’s annual cigar festival; Festival del Habano, which took place last week between 23-27th February, 2015.

Paris Hilton was even captured taking a selfie of herself standing next to the son of the man that nationalised her grandfather’s hotel, which at the time was one of the newest and most luxurious in the city. Quite the surreal image when you take into account that these are the sort of families you would think would have never been seen in public together, let alone speak to each other.

This is yet another clear reflection of how fast things are changing now in Cuba and how the two countries are putting their differences aside, carving a new path for mutual understanding and development. If Castros and Hiltons putting a united front together isn’t a show of change and letting go of old grudges, then what could be?

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