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MotoDiscovery to start offering motorised tours to Cuba

After finally being granted a People-to-People license by the U.S. Treasury Department, MotoDiscovery, the U.S.A's only provider of educational formatted travel through Cuba by motorcycle, will once again resume their schedule of Cuba tours on two wheels starting December 2014.

MotoDiscovery to start offering motorised tours to Cuba

After welcoming the news of the license approval, MotoDiscovery has announced that their new schedule of motorcycle excursions to Cuba will kick-start in December this year.

A Texas-based company founded in 1981, MotoDiscovery specialises in offering customers unique motorcycling adventures throughout the world, and they had long dreamed of expanding the Cuba experiences they offered, by adding new destinations on the island's eastern end, such as Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, Guantanamo and Holguin (among others), to their itineraries.

But getting that expansion legalised was a lengthy, one-year-long process that tests the patience of many companies with similar projects.

Skip Mascorro, founder of MotoDiscovery, explains:

"The licensing process is gruelling and navigating the bureaucratic pathways that ultimately result in approval has been a year’s long process.

Backed by travel writer, photographer and Cuba expert, Christopher P Baker, author of Mi Moto Fidel, Motorcycling through Castro’s Cuba, who also serves as the official host on these organised motorcycle tours, Mascorro re-tells of how the two have been working together for years to fulfil a common desire to ride the island on a motorbike and write a comprehensive travel guide. Obama’s easing of laws regarding travel to Cuba, gave them the push they needed, since only then a legal window of opportunity for offering these tours opened up, with the new People-to-People scheme.

"We are well aware that anything involving Cuba opens up controversy. It is a sensitive topic…”

“It is indisputable however that while political differences have lingered for decades, at the ‘people to people’ level there is a connection that runs deep and one can expect nothing but the warmest and sincerest of welcomes. The people of Cuba are special.

Those booking the comprehensive (and rather expensive) MotoDiscovery's motorcycle tours to Cuba have the choice of selecting from arrange of itineraries, ranging from 9 to 15-day journeys. Each of these trips is organised in a way that allows participants to truly engage in the local way of life and get to know Cubans from every walk of life.

Group sizes are limited to 12 bikes and advance booking is essential. Participants depart from Miami and take a short 35-minute flight to Havana, which is the arrival and departure point. Shortly after they’re taken to explore a myriad of heritage sites and places of historical, cultural or beautiful rural/natural value. From Havana to Pinar del Rio, to Santa Clara’s Che Guevara mausoleum to the Escambray Mountains, Trinidad and the Bay of Pigs, no other tour is more complete and all-encompassing. Other motorcycle tours by MotoDiscovery include the eastern end, with one of these covering the entire island in all its depth and breadth – from East to West.

If Che’s Motorcycle Diaries inspired you (the film or the book) to get on the road and live unique adventures, these motorcycle tours in Cuba are the way to quench your thirst for adventure, but spaces are limited (and pricey) so the time to book is now.

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